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x box oneYes! It is about to come. The all new next generation console, Xbox one was recently unveiled by Microsoft which allowed game addicts to have peek at its absolutely mind blasting features. However, there are still a lot of rumours doing the rounds regarding its release date, specifications, features and of course the prices. We try to throw light on some of these based on the information that we could collect from various expert sources.

1.      Release Date

Come November 2013, the Xbox one will be in stores in the United States, UK and 19 more countries. If we believe speculations then the release would be on Friday, the 29th of November, which is exactly one week prior to the release of rival, PS4.Could you ask for a better start to the Christmas season folks!

2.      Completely new and sleek design

All the reviews are mixed, ever since it was revealed in May, Xbox one looks quite different from Xbox 360. It is designed to actually be like an all-in-one entertainment gadget.

3.      Specifications

Nothing too surprising here. The Xbox one is power-packed with an x86 APU, USB 3.0, 500 GB HDD, and 8GB RAM DDR3. For connectivity, there is the 802.11n Wi-fi for exchanging data with devices like the Xbox controller. There is also an addition of the Blu Ray drive and is a decent attempt by Microsoft to match the disc format of Sony. As one would have expected, the all new Xbox one seems to be on par with the rival PS4 and looks more like a mini personal computer. It also has an HDMI –in port which is specially included for your television viewing as you no longer require a separate set-top box. One device does the work of two.

4.Xbox -ON!”

To switch on your favourite console, you no longer have to press buttons. Your device is always listening to you. The Kinect functionality built-in to the device recognizes your voice and switches the system on and off, as per your instruction. It responds to your hand gestures too, which was shown during its launch. You can now switch between playing games and watching television just by giving a voice command. And if you want more, you can even change the TV channels with this feature. Now that is what we wanted since ever since home entertainment systems were invented. Kinect 2 is so fast that it is able to detect motion in 13 billionth of a second! What’s more, the new Kinect can also work in darkness because it uses Infra-red as stated by Microsoft. Look out Nintendo!

5.      Skype

Now that it owns Skype, it was but natural for MS to integrate skype into its latest console. You can now video call your loved ones and friends, and because Kinect is mandatory, you can even talk with other Xbox one owners.

6.      The war is ON

Amazon EU , on the very first day of E3, announced that it had received more pre-orders for Xbox one than rival, PS4. If reports are to be believed, the figures are very close and the difference is only about 2 percent. Amazon added that the orders are 20% higher than those that came for Xbox 360 before its launch in 2005.

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