Sony & HP Slashed Laptop Prices, Window 8 PC’s facing a downfall

Windows 8 is not that user friendly as Windows 7, this was the main talk from many users till date. But now, the failure of Windows has been judged by many top notch firms across the globe.

In a recent report by IDC, there is a shipment variations in the Windows 8 PC’S from last year. In India itself, PC shipments have been moved to 10.5 million to 11 million only, which is not that appreciable. On the other hand, globally it’s much sadder to say that sales fallen by 6.4%. All these conditions clearly states that with the rise of smartphone trend, PC’s have to see this situation.


In India mainly, this bad situation have arrived and that is due to two reasons, first is of course the price which is quite high of Window 8 devices (Approx. Rs.45,000 or more), secondly it’s not that user friendly and at last reason is that Smartphones have grown with such a huge pace that PC with Windows 8 left with no space. Looking at all these conditions the big brands like Sony, HP have decided to cut the price of tablets by some amounts from now. Companies have adopted this scenario in US market first and now soon going to adopt in Indian market, as well. According to the reports, the Japanese and US brands have slashed the price by Rs. 2,000.

Although companies did not comment on this matter till yet, but the slashed price have been observed in the market. Obviously they have to do this according to business point of view.

Windows 8 failure is shocking news for Microsoft and the company might not liking all the news and reports are declaring, but it’s true, infect it is believed that if the price of Windows 8 will not sit between 30,000 to 35,000 then it will be quite tough for Windows 8 to stay more in the market.

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