Update Motorola Fire XT with ICJ (Ice Cream Jelly) V2 ROM with Easy Guide

After Motorola have forced to leave the Indian markets recently, then there was a sad expression went on the die-hard fans of the company. Google wanted to renovate the business of Motorola, who acquired Motorola to enhance its efficiency of Android. Motorola had launched several smartphones, and obviously failed to deliver unbeatable perception among the users, which resulted as lowest Market share. One of those mobiles was Motorola Fire XT (XT530) which has many unhappy users, which never got developers attention and the same response was from the company.
Recently in 2012, we at TechClap addressed the problem of our dear readers and posted a Tutorial to Root Motorola Fire XT after enormous demand through tested method. Now, we’re here once again all set to bring the latest Tutorial, which includes steps to upgrade your rooted phone to the goodness of Android 4.1/4.2 Jelly Bean firmware. Apart  this would give you; Android 4.0 ICS looks, as well. Remember, this ROM would not update your phone to Jelly Bean as the Kernel used in this ROM is Stock Froyo Kernel (European). You might be curious to see what this ROM has to offer, let me emphasize the same Features at a glance:
  • This ROM comes with new toggles, which located in notification bar. 
  • Jelly Bean style Notification is there, in addition to, enhanced settings and User Interface (UI). 
  • The developer claimed that this ROM delivers smooth performance, along with flawless operation. Thanks to Dalvik-cache, RAM, Mapping tweaks and Better speed tweaks, on which developers has put efforts.
  •  This ROM offers much better and RICH theme, which is clearly better than stock one. Thanks to the developer, who also offered same things in the V1 of this ROM.
  •  ICS/ JB task switcher provides much more enhanced way to kill the applications and terrible things, to reach the optimum performance.
  •  You can expect to browse Internet at much better speed as Wi-Fi tweaks included.
  •  All the bloatware apps removed, to deliver a decent performance.

Disclaimer: Please note that this tutorial does not include any warranty or liability against correctness or accuracy or the steps mentioned in this tutorial. This ROM is not developed by us, and it is from XDA Member Abhijeet (see thread). As this is not official firmware ROM, so we at TechClap should not be held responsible if anything happens unpropitious to your device after using the steps of this tutorial. Please take care and try steps at your own risk.


  • Download and Install Latest Motorola Drivers from their official website. Make sure that you have Motorola Fire XT530 compatible data cable, as it is required for connectivity between phone and PC.
  • Make sure to charge Fire XT’s battery minimum of 80% before you proceed with the Installation of Custom ICS ROM. Device should not turned of in between the procedure.
  • We recommend you to Disable Antivirus and Firewall program in your PC, as they can create unwanted conflict during the process, so its good idea to disable them in advance for smoother process.
  • It is recommended to make Backup of all data in your Motorola Fire XT Device:
    • SMS/MMS Messages with SMS Backup & Restore App
    • Call Log with Call Backup & Restore App
    • Bookmarks, Applications and other data with many apps, like Titanium BackupAstro File Manager, and MyBackup Root apps. We recommend you to make ‘NANDROID’ backup of current Stock or Custom ROM, so that you can easily restore later from the backup, if anything goes wrong with the device while attempting to Install Custom ROM Firmware in your device. You should make backup of your data and songs into the microSD card of the phone.
  • Ensure that USB Debugging Mode is Turned On. Navigate to the path ‘Settings>Applications>Development>USB  debugging’.  You have to disconnect your phone from computer, it is must to enable USB debugging mode.

If you are ready to continue, and have carefully read our precautions, then let’s move on, and get short and easy steps we created for you for easy process.

How to Install Android 4.0 ICS/ 4.2 Jelly Bean Looks Like ICJ (Ice Cream Jelly) V2 ROM Firmware on Motorola Fire XT (XT530)

Step 1: Please make sure that the device is running stock firmware; otherwise these steps will not work for you and may end as bricked device. To check the firmware version, refer to Settings>About phone section in your device.

Step 2: Now, you must download the ICJ V2 ROM for your Fire XT. Download Link 1 | Download Link 2.

Step 3: After you downloaded the package, then just extract it anywhere in your PC. Then connect the Fire XT phone to computer using data cable.

Step 4: After the package got extracted, then just browse the ROM folder and Double-Click the ‘Ice_Cream_Jelly Installer.bat’.

Step 5: Now, Just see the on screen instructions carefully and follow them as they are needed.

Step 6: Now, after you followed the steps, and then just sit back and relax while the process is continuing in the background and may take up to 10 minutes.

Step 7: As you waited, it is time to check back on the screen and make sure ‘Done!’ message displayed. Now, you must disconnect your phone from the Computer.

Step 8: The first boot of the device after installation will take 5 minutes then you will be welcomed by changed interface of Ice_Cream_JellyV2.

That’s it. Your device is not rocking difference interface, and far better than the default one. Did you like this look? Share with us in the comments section below.

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25 thoughts on “Update Motorola Fire XT with ICJ (Ice Cream Jelly) V2 ROM with Easy Guide

  1. after update wifi not working even unable to install apps through data connection.. please tell me how to restore it ………??/

  2. WhatsApp & Play store are not working properly….!!
    Else is Awesome……..:D
    Would Really appreciate if Play store bug is Fixed…!!

  3. i installed. now my phone looks creepy. I have intalled for the only reason of screen shot option 🙂 I followed the steps everything seems to be correct. Thanks Ramandeep Singh.

  4. how do you backup the original rom? and will the new rom delete the old one along with the apps? and does it affect the sd card at all? please advise

  5. Cool, I have success installed them via WINDOWS 7. before that I have try it with WIN XP SP2, but FAILED.
    now all app are working well ..
    Thanks , Terima Kasih, Matur Nuwuun.

  6. After flashing the phone boots and shows the unlock screen. When trying to unlock the phone reboots.

    logcat says:

    D/PowerManagerService( 1950): userActivity mLastEventTime=161026 time=161120 mUserActivityAllowed=false mUserState=0x0 mWakeLockState=0x7 mProximitySensorActive=false timeoutOverride=-1 force=false

    E/AndroidRuntime( 1950): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: DxDrmCoreClient_Get

    E/AndroidRuntime( 1950): at com.discretix.drm.api.DxDrmCoreJNI.DxDrmCoreClient_Get(Native Method)

    E/AndroidRuntime( 1950): at com.discretix.drm.api.DxDrmCore.DxDrmCoreClient_Get(DxDrmCore.java:33)

    E/AndroidRuntime( 1950): at com.discretix.drm.api.DxDrmClient.(DxDrmClient.java:48)

    E/AndroidRuntime( 1950): at com.discretix.drm.api.DxDrmClient.getDxDrmClient(DxDrmClient.java:60)

    E/AndroidRuntime( 1950): at android.media.MediaPlayer.InitConsumptionObject(MediaPlayer.java:1932)

    Apparently a “DxDrmCoreClient_Get” call can not be resolved. Any ideas?

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