Toshiba Launch LED TVs -29PB200 and 29PU200 with 73.6cm(29”) display

Toshiba is planning to get the number 1 position in the LED TV market with the launch of its new range of Thinking LED specially designed for Indian consumers. The new range offers 73.6 cm(29) size from Toshiba’s two highly popular LED TV series in India named as 29PB200 and 29PU200 TV series.


The two models PB200 and PU200 LED TVs help to reproduce high resolution images by using complex calculation to enhance the received signal. Both the models support HD resolution, which means that it can natively support 720p movies, but can display 1080p movies by downsizing. These models feature built-in sound bar with two speakers back to the display which is claimed to be capable of producing Powerful Bass and includes auto signal booster that helps to improve signal sensitivity. The TVs can monitor room brightness and adjust back light accordingly, lowering power consumption.

On the launch of the new range, Mr. Sanjay Warke, Country Head, Toshiba India – DS Division said, “India is one of the most promising and fastest growing LED TV markets where consumers have acquired a taste for technologically advanced products befitting their upwardly mobile lifestyle. Reiterating on our strong lineage of offering cutting-edge technology to consumers in India, the launch of the new 29 inch ‘Thinking LED’ range is our endeavor to move a step closer to our business objective of being at the forefront of driving the transition from LCD to LED Flat Panel Television and become the number 1 LED TV player in India.”

Specifications of 29PB200 and 29PU200 LED TVs :

Display : Both LED TVs haven 29 inch HD Ready panel screen that supports 53 mm thickness.

Connectivity : It includes 2xHDMI port and USB movie(PU200 only) /Photos/MP3.

Sound System : The device is incorporated with Sound Bar (2 x 10 W) RMS front-facing speakers.

The new series combine the key products attribute that are not only highly advanced than CRT TV, but which consumers think about its quality, performance, style, sound and power saving. They are all discussed below :

Performance : Toshiba’s new range LED TVs re-produces high resolution images by using complex calculation to enhance the received signal to the highest video quality. A faster processor results in shorter response time offering unmatched picture performance.

Style : The superior TV viewing experience will bring elegance and sophistication to the home.

Sound : below the narrow bezel rests a dedicated sound bar with a new power bass booster which generates harmonics at a different frequency intervals. As a result, the depth of frequency is increased, and clarity of the frequency is increased and clarity of the bass sound is strengthened leaving the user with powerful yet a clear sound.

Power saving : Both device boasts of advanced feature such as Auto Signal Booster used to improve signal sensitivity and viewing in areas with weak signal strength. Contrast Booster uses a complex luminance and chrominance adjustment process, selecting the optimal color on the picture contrast without affecting the original color settings.

The slight difference between the two models is that 29PU200 LED TV has USB that supports 28 video formats while the 29PB200 LED TV can only display pictures and play music via USB port.

Price :

The 29PB200 and 29PU200 models will be available in India at a price of Rs.22,990/- and Rs.23,990/- respectively.

Toshiba Launch LED TVs -29PB200 and 29PU200 with 73.6cm(29”) display, 6.0 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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