PS4 and Xbox One Rumours

It seems like these two have been in the making for ever, but with  E3 2013 coming next week these two are going to be in the spotlight and we should have  a lot more information on the much anticipated gaming consoles. There is still so much that Microsoft and Sony wont tell us but […]

Toshiba announces WT310 Tablet with Windows 8 Pro

For Windows 8 Operating system, Toshiba has announced the new tablet known as WT310. The Company got an Ultrabook Hybrid for general utilization. Now the Toshiba WT310 device is targeted at the business savvy, and powered by Windows 8 Pro. The touch screen handset comes packed with Intel Core processor, with display resolution of 29.5 […]

Sony & HP Slashed Laptop Prices, Window 8 PC’s facing a downfall

Windows 8 is not that user friendly as Windows 7, this was the main talk from many users till date. But now, the failure of Windows has been judged by many top notch firms across the globe. In a recent report by IDC, there is a shipment variations in the Windows 8 PC’S from last […]

Microsoft Office 365 For businesses Launched in India

Microsoft has announced  the next generation MS Office named as  cloud- based Microsoft Office 365 for businesses in India. The new office 365 brings along an excess of new features in which users can access with various devices like PC, smartphones and tablets. Office 365 use at a different level services  for home,  small business […]

MWC 2013: Dell brings out the refreshed version of Latitude 10 tablet

Mobile World Congress induced the enthusiasm in every gadgets freak as each passing day shines out with something refreshing and interesting. Now, it’s the turn of Dell, company seems to be pretty excited…!! Not the company is not launching any device but invigorated its Dell Latitude 10” Windows 8 tablet. If you remember, Dell showcased […]

Free Download Windows Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 (32/ 64 bit)

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is withdrawing down the aggregate of users. Thanks to the all trim and continuously salutary features version over version modernizing by the developers of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Microsoft brought Windows Internet Explorer 10 with the release of Windows 8, which miscarried to fabricate a massive hit estimate relatively to Windows 7. […]

Microsoft Touch, Explorer, Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Gets Windows 8 Drivers

Microsoft launched a new Range of stylish and attractive Windows 8 Hardware accessories, Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, Keyboard and Sculpt Mouse. Besides Windows 8 accessories, company also proclaimed an updated Windows 8 drivers for it’s products such as Touch Mouse, Explorer Touch Mouse and Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 which can be intelligibly downloaded from […]

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, Keyboard and Sculpt Mouse Outs in India

Microsoft lanced Windows 8 last year. In the fleeting extent of period, for the nonce, Windows 8 is  scudding on many smartphones, PCs and Laptops. Just a while ago, the company has launched a new chain of hardware accessories for Windows 8 in India, such as Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse, Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard and […]