Google Mobile search gets new Quick view feature, Speed also Faster

Yesterday, Google included a new feature of Google Search on mobile devices. One of the biggest thing about Google Search is that their engineers are always working to to cut down the difference between the user and the data user’s requirement as much as possible. The first one is the expandable list of links on […]

Google AndroidBook, runs on Chrome+Android operating system: Rumors

Google’s operating system, Android is the top operating system in the current times. Android phones are the first choice of most of the users. Google is always ready to experiment with new things. Now Google is presenting a hybrid of two operating systems Android and Chrome on a Notebook later this year. From this news, […]

Google Play Movies Now in India, Download App (apk) from Play Store

Google look like agitated sufficient to consider India as one of their prime markets. The company behind the Android, is continuously bringing products to India, started with Google Play Books few weeks ago, and then followed by surprise Nexus 7 Tablet launch in Indian Play store. Now it comes next in the list is Google […]

How to Buy/ Order Nexus 7 Tablet in India via Google Play

Google Nexus 7 Tablet, which was launched in November 2012, never made its emergence in the retail market. The Nexus 7 was originally made available in the USA for $199, and was not available for purchase for Indian customers. Croma listed the device recently, but later it was taken down. Asus has also elucidated the […]

Google Play Books Available in India at Play Store

Finding a book of your favorite author which is not available at your nearest book stall? This is no more a problem. Just after overhauling Android Market as Google Play Store, Google India has today announced to add Books in Google Play. In fact, Google Play Store is not selling hard copies as you’re informed […]

Google Chromebook Pixel Unveiled with Extraordinary features

You have hearkened many rumours of Google’s imminent touch screen laptop based on Chrome operating system. Now, Its not a rumour …it’s a true that Google has officially launched the device denominated as ‘Chromebook Pixel’. It’s a first high-end Chrome laptop in the world. Google has justified that they can also construct Chromebooks, distant from […]

Google/ Motorola working on Motorola X Phone – Job Listing Confirmed

In day to day life, market is flooded with a smart phones based on android operating system.There was a convincing rumors going from the last year that the Google and its newly acquired Mobile Division that is Motorola plans to work on Google’s Upcoming Android Operating System.It seems like rumors about working on X Phone appears to […]