Best 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 Alternatives/ Rivals

Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S4 has been launched in India recently for a reasonable price of 41,500. We have been getting a lot of queries from our beloved readers, whether they should go with the device or not. Everybody is willing to know if they should spend the hard earned money on the phone or should go with the alternatives of smartphone. In the meanwhile maybe, some people have already made their mind, few persons are always there who want to know what the options are here. We are here listing Top 5 Alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S4.



There is a immense share of Android users, who are quite not feeling good with the Plastic body being used in Samsung phones. If you’re the one and too who feels a little greedy of plastic body for your taste, then you may be considering Apple iPhone. Wait, let me tell you that HTC One has also gotten that stylish premium look and comes with an aluminium frame. The HTC One comes with a unique Ultrapixel 4MP camera, the powerful Quad-core processor, 4.7-inch 1080p Full HD Screen, Dual Speakers for music enthusiasts, this beast has all we can expect. Currently, selling in India for Price Rs. 42,500.

Apple iPhone 5


This beast doesn’t need any introduction. Needless to say, it runs iOS, rather than Android. Both of the operating systems have advantages and disadvantages. If you’re one of Apple fan, then you will undoubtedly consider iPhone 5 rather than Samsung Galaxy S4. It comes with a 4-inch Screen, 8MP camera, iOS 6, and all you see on typical iPhones in ever better avatar. It is the best and flagship iPhone, which is obviously a great deal for iOS fans.

Samsung Galaxy S3




The best Smartphone of the Year 2012, which launched with a lot of revolutionary features, and most successful smartphone model ever for Samsung. With millions of sales, this smartphone seen a lot of price reductions till date. If you want a stable and best device, and also it should be running Android, and can’t spend 40K on your phone, then you should surely consider this one. At the price of INR 28000- 30000, it is obviously a better deal for you. Yeah, it will also get almost all the software features of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 £550




 The Galaxy Note 2 even outshines Samsung Galaxy S4 in some terms. It comes up with the bunch of marquee features, and one of most powerful Android smartphones by Samsung. The S-Pen stylus featured in Galaxy Note 2, which enables you easily scribble notes, and easy drawings on the screen. It is little heavy to handle, and large too, but once you are used to handle it, you will seriously love it, and find that it is actually better than Galaxy S4.

Sony Xperia Z


Even though, there are a lot of bugs, lots of heating issues, software bugs are there, but it is still a strong threat to Samsung Galaxy S4. The smartphone comes with a Full HD 1080p 5-inch Screen, whopping 13MP camera, Dust and Water Proof are just few of features which comes in favour of this smartphone. The phone is big tough to handle, due to its curved shape, but actually it is a good design with the glass type body. It is also only third best smartphone, with 1080p screen, after Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

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