Samsung F8000 series Smart TVs with OLED and Voice Control Unveiled

Samsung is focusing on the products in the magnificent range category, to enhance it’s current position in the global market. The company has unveiled it’s latest range of Internet-based Smart TVs that include 16 new Smart TV models. F8000 series Smart TV is basically the TVs that  comes in sizes ranging from 46 to 75 inches and allows users to navigate the internet offer specialized applications such as video games and support voice recognition and hand motions.


Apart from these common features, these will show the list of requested TV programmes. It includes zoom in and zoom out. It can even rotate images on screen and change channels by recognizing certain hand motions. The TVs will be available in sizes ranging between 116.8cm(46-inch) and 190.5 cm(75-inch). The firm said that the new model would hit the South Korean stores by the end of this week and do not say for availability of this latest product in the global market.

In terms of price, Samsung has informed that a 139.7 cm (55-inch) F8000 series model is priced for around $5500 or Rs. 298,662.

The head of Samsung electronics company said that TV sales might be grow about five percent this year in volume but remain slower in the revenue globally. Samsung has stated to enhance their growth graph in TV market, apart from they already doing well in smartphones market. According to the report, their strategy is focusing on premium TV segment, to hit the market for further strengthen their business.

Key features of Samsung F8000 series Smart TVs at a glance :

  • Size : Ranging from 46-inch(116.8 cm) to 75-inch(190.5 cm).
  • Models : Available in 16 new smart TVs.
  • Can access the internet for certain applications like video games, voice recognition and hand motion

Kim Hyun-Suk said that their aim is to unveil high end TVs that are larger than 152.4 cm(60-inch) might expect to grow more than 30 percent of this year. Other brands like LG, Sony etc expect to unveil their Smart TVs this year. LG said, last week sales of TV would increase by 15 percent. This year, they are focusing on top-notch models such as Internet enabled TVs or those using display technologies such as Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED).

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