Samsung Announced ‘Galaxy S4 Active’ Coming Soon!

Samsung galaxy s4 activeSamsung has joined Sony in the ‘underwater club for smartphones’ with it’s eminent release of  the Samsung Galaxy S4 active, whilst Samsung hasn’t given us a definite release date yet but there are rumours of it to be scheduled for release in the Uk on the 1st of July, also there is no official price being released as of yet but I would imagine it would be pretty competitive with its rival Sony Xperia Zr.

Whats great about this phone? Well Im glad you asked it is IP55 and IP58 compliant,( dust resistant) and ip67 (water and dust rating) which basically means you can have the phone submerged in fresh water up to a depth of a metre and a half  for a time period of up to 30 minutes. You can even use the 8 mega pixel camera to take pictures form a locked screen and the best part is the cameras ‘Aqua Mode’ option which increases the visual quality underwater allowing for clearer sharper images and video under water. Amazing huh?

Here is the specs;The  S4 active is very similar to the S4 except it has an 8 mega pixel camera instead of a 13 and it slightly heavier, weighing in at 151 grams, with a thickness of 9.1mm. It has a 5 inch 1080P full high definition TFT Display  that can even be used in cold weather! It has a powerful 1.9 GHz quad core processor running Android 4.2.2 jelly bean. The ram consists of  2GB and the on board memory is 16gb but for those of you who love heaps of room you can expand it up to 64 GB with an SD card. For connectivity you have the choice of Wifi, ultra fast 4G LTE ,DLNA and bluetooth. All of this is powered by a 2600 mAh battery. It comes in a variety of colours- blue, grey and orange for those of you who find aesthetics appealing.

How does this compare to Sony’s Xperia Z? Sony has a slightly smaller screen (4.55 inch), 720p resolution and smaller processor (1.5 GHz quad core) as well as a slightly smaller battery to run the less powerful processor (2300 mAh battery) but Sony has the 13 Mp camera with 16x optical zoom and an HDR feature to help with video quality in in high contrast situations. As of yet we can’t compare price difference as Samsung has not released a price for the S4 active. Sony has announced a price tag of more than Rs 25,000 for it’s phone.

The two phones are very competitive in terms of features but which one you will choose could depend on a number of different variables. Some like the cheaper phones, some are sticklers for a particular brand or you may like one that performs better and there are some of us who just like the feel of a particular phone in our hand. Sony looks like it will release it’s phone first but which one you decide on is entirely up to you… happy shopping 🙂

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