How to Root and UnRoot Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT S7500 Phone

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is newest version of Galaxy Ace Smartphone. It is leashed with 3.65 inches 158ppi display with 320×480 pixels resolution, alongside 3GB storage capability. It has a pretty powerful hardware of, 512MB RAM, 1GHz Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm. Originally shipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System, the phone is quite overpriced compared to its closest rivals. Nowadays, Rooting is quite necessary process, and every tech freaks want to root their device, as this would enable the installation of custom ROMs with latest firmwares and features.

The Stock ROMs (official) comes with lot of limitations, which you can easily unlock the power with rooting your Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT S7500 Phone. The phone does offers you brand trust of Samsung, but when advanced users like you think about rooting the device, they gets worried about problem, that they would be not able to claim the warranty furthermore after rooting. For that you need to Unroot the device, those procedure we are here going to discuss in this tutorial.

Disclaimer: Kindly Note, This tutorial meant for advanced users, if you are beginner you should not try this tutorial, as there is risk involved in the process. Please try the steps at your own risk, Team, its Authors and Developer should not be held responsible if you phone gets Bricked, Damaged or non-functional by following this tutorial. This article is valid for devices running on Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System.


  • Ensure that your data has been backup up. If in-case data wiped or erased after rooting, you will not have any way to recover, unless you made backup. Please use a good backup application to make the backup of SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Data, Songs, Videos, APN and MMS Settings and everything. This would allow you to simply restore the data from backup in rear conditions.
  • Ensure that your phone is charged, at least 75%, otherwise charge the phone before going through the process.
  • Disable Anti-virus and all other System tools, so that procedure can be completed smoothly without any problem.

I hope you have everything ready, based on suggests i mentioned above. Lets proceed now with the process to Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT S7500 Android Smartphone.

Steps Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 Android Phone

Step 1: You can download the rooting package in your computer, from this link. Save it into a location which you can remember later. You can download the rooting package in your computer, from this link. Save it into a location which you can remember later.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings Option and enable Debugging USB Mode. To do this, navigate to Settings option, and select Applications, tap at the Development option, and check USB debugging.

Step 3: Connect your phone to computer, and copy the File downloaded in Step 1, to the root of microSD card of phone.

Step 4: Select ‘Install ZIP from SD card, and navigate to the Rooting package zip file (Downloaded in Step 1).

Step 5: Turn off the device. Then, boot into the recovery mode. To enter the recovery mode, press and hold the Volume up, Power and Home Buttons simultaneously.

Step 6: In recovery mode, select the option ‘Apply Update from SD Card’ and then browse for ‘‘ using volume up and down buttons.

Step 7: Go Back to home by pressing ‘++++Go Back++++’

Step 8: Reboot the phone. After rebooting, you will see an application ‘Super User’, which would ensure that your device is successfully rooted.

You have just got Super User access in your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 Phone, now you can install any app or Custom ROM to customize the device. Though, you are not eligible this way to get warranty. If this is concern, there is a way to Unroot the device as well, which were going to discuss in below section of this tutorial article.

How to UnRoot Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500

Step 1: You need to Download Unroot package for your device in your PC, copy the zip file to the root or micro SD card.

Step 2: Switch off the phone, and then you have to turn on the device into recovery mode.

Step 3: Now Select ‘Install ZIP from SD card, and select the unroot zip file (from Step 1),

Step 4: This process will be completed in 2-3 minutes, after that just go back to home by pressing ‘++++Go Back++++’. Then, simply reboot your phone. After reboot, your phone would be eligible for warranty, and returns into original firmware.

If any problems persist, do comment below, so that we can lookout into the matter, or you can also ask developer.

Update 23/05/2012: This Tutorial is reportedly not working for maximum of users. We’re not responsible for any damage caused to your device due to this tutorial. But we’ll surely work to find the new method, to ensure that it’ll work for everyone for you.

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11 thoughts on “How to Root and UnRoot Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT S7500 Phone

  1. This has been posted at various websites and it does not work. Also none of the normal methods of rooting android wok also. It needs someone to come up with a kernal.

  2. when i tried ti unroot my samsung galaxy plus using rscovery mode it said signature verificafion failed.what should i do to unroot it?

  3. Tried to Root my android but was halted on step 4, “Step 4: Select ‘Install ZIP from SD card, and navigate to the Rooting package zip file (Downloaded in Step 1).” Could not find anything resembling “Select Install ZIP On SD card.

  4. I have navigated to the install zip from sd and selected It then starts installing but the progress bar stops after about a minute and just sticks there at about the quarter mark of the process !

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