Root Motorola Fire XT (2.3.4/ 2.3.5) with One Click: SuperOneClick Tool

Motorola Fire XT was budget priced QWERTY Android Gingerbread Smartphone. Already, many users get attracted and have purchased this device. We are here to talk about the rooting procedure of the device. Already, there are many tutorials on internet that can help you root your Fire XT. But, no one is working with latest update 2.3.5. There is a very simple OneClick Solution launched by a XDA developer member. We are covering the detailed procedure here. All credit goes to developer who has programmed all automated tools to go smoothly through the process.

Disclaimer: We have just created this tutorial to help you; this is more like an educational process. You should understand that Rooting voids warranty of your phone. We ‘’ or developer should not be held responsible for any data loss or damage caused if you follow this tutorial article.

Pre Requisite:

  1. You will need your phone, a PC, data cable and internet connection.
  2. We suggest a full backup of your device. Backup SMS, call logs, contacts, pics, videos, personal files, internet access points settings, other settings.
  3. Please ensure that you charge your device to atleast 80% so that you do not face a power issue in between of process.
  4. Enable USB debugging on your Device. Go to “settings>>Application>>Development>>USB debugging”. Check the USB debugging option.
  5. Download the Motorola Fire XT Rooting package to your computer and extract it to a folder.

How to Root Motorola Fire XT using SuperOneClick Tool:

  1. Check the extracted Folder and find the file named SUTLR_v1.8.2 and install on your PC. Now, run SUTLR application (Software update Tool LR- SUTLR).
  2. You will get a interface like below, select Next and it will prompt to choose Software Image as shown in below screenshot. Choose the FXX_PR3_NV.xml file from the extracted folder.How to Root Motorola Fire XT
  3. Your Device will restart, it may take few minutes and it may restart 2-3 times in the process.
  4. Now, Go to extracted folder and find SuperOneClick v2.3.3.exe. This is a OneClick Rooting Tool. You just need to press Root.
  5. The tool will root your device and install SuperUser app on it. Now, your device will restart. Although, this procedure do not wipe anything. Just check if your Data is intact.

Note: This Process has been already checked by users and developers who own Motorola Fire XT311, XT316, XT531. As promised this is the simplest and easiest tool available over internet. If still you are unable to root your device you can consult with developers here.

Tip: You can easily Unroot your Motorola Fire XT Devices using this SuperOneClick Tool. Just click ‘Unroot’ on the Interface, rest of the instructions mentioned above.

Update: Thanks Kimi El Malo  and others to let us know. We have updated the link for rooting package. Happy Rooting!

Root Motorola Fire XT (2.3.4/ 2.3.5) with One Click: SuperOneClick Tool, 8.0 out of 10 based on 85 ratings

146 thoughts on “Root Motorola Fire XT (2.3.4/ 2.3.5) with One Click: SuperOneClick Tool

      • Okay I got that down, now the problem is that it says :

        Error Code:0x4000

        Error:Download Fail,
        Error:DEVICE_NOT_CONFIGURE (0x4000)

        Now I don’t know how to configure the device because it gives 90 sec befor a timeout.


        • PS It says
          ‘Waiting DIAG Mode ready’ (I have no idea what this is)
          ‘Waiting DL Mode ready’ (Also Don’t know what this is
          ‘Waiting device ready’ (Same as above…no idea what it is)

          • We have Notified the Author of this tutorial about the issue. You will soon receive reply from him, at this location.

          • I think you have entered fast boot mode and then its saying that Download mode is ready. First you should flash FXX_PR3_NV.xml using Sutlr and then you should use SuperOneClick utility. Please ensure that correct connectivity driver is preinstalled on your PC

          • I am getting exactly the same problem as Harsh is getting! And it is not getting rectified by any of your remedies. What do i do?

          • It happend for me also as i am using windows 8. but then i run SUT LR in troubleshoot compatibility mode for windows 7 and it worked.

        • I got this same error bcozz of you need to select usb mass storage on (very simple) before the process. The same thing have to do with SuperOneClick also. So do not forget to click USB Mass storage on before patching and rooting.

        • Go to (setting–>Application–>Development) check Stay Awake and Usb Debugging

          Then Go To (setting–>Display) click screen timeout (select Never Time OUt)

  1. He actualizado mi motorola fire xt 311 gingerbread 2.3.4 a 2.3.5 y he vuelto a conseguir ser superusuario(root)con este sistema y sin perder ninguna informacion del sistema ni del phone asi que lo recomiendo y cooperen con el proyecto para que en un futuro podamos seguir usando las funciones del desarrollador

  2. Me ha quedado un bug con el calendario nativo,hice backups pero no me sirvió,si alguien me puede orientar como recuperarlo o volver a instalar los archivos database se lo agradezco,por lo demas todo genial.

  3. I have a moto fire XT530 will it work on my device ? and i read that super one click needs a software called the microsoft Net Framework v2.0 installed in the computer is it true and is it pre installed in everyone’s computer?
    …….. PLEASE REPLY…….
    ….THANK YOU……

    • @Yadu- You need to Download & Install Microsoft Net Framework from Microsoft Official Website. Search in Google, you will find Download Link. We’ve not tested this for XT530, as developer has not mentioned it. Do lets know if we can help you further.

      • ya i did try to install Microsoft Net Framework and when it’s almost over it shows up a message saying the previously installed version is not letting to download and it manot b compatible with the system. is the previously installed version enough to run the super one click. ?

  4. after extracting the super one click zip folder some files do not get extracted because of the same named files in the zip folder itself

  5. hw to mount sd card with internal memory…and mounting in th sense wat ll happen…???
    hw much internal memory can be gained aftr mounting the phone..???
    pls help…reply..

  6. Hi I have a Motorola Fire XT311…I want to know if it works with Android 2.3.4 and the possible consequences if some thing goes wrong.The worst case scenario that is…Thnx.

    • Hi Vishesh! Only consequences you can follow is that, you can make Backup of your Current ROM, which you can restore easily if something goes wrong during the process.

  7. Sir how do I back up my ROM..Another thing,I saw on many websites that during the rooting process,one has to use the cmd but it is not given anywhere in this thread..Are we missing a step or is that taken care of?? Thank You

    • You can create backup in CWM (Clockworkmod) Recovery mode with Backup & Restore Option.
      This is Easy One Click Tool and not a custom process, and this method won’t need to use any CMD, just follow the Procedure stepwise.

  8. Hi! I´m following this methode, Why my Device still no root (base 2.3.5)? i´m using os seven ultimate, dotnet 3.5, and all driver already installed corectly(adb+usb)..
    My device not reboot 3 times at step third, just once. Then i run Superoneclick but still no root for my dvice. WTF?

  9. I tried to do as you said…While installing software update tool.the computer installed a lot of drivers by itself..I have never installed any drivers for my Motorola XT311 and neither do I know how to..It might have installed by itself I dont know..While running the software update tool the following error occured,

    Error Code:0×4000
    Error:Download Fail,

    I dont know what to do…I turned on usb mass storage as well as said above..Please help…Some people say that usb mass storage has to be turned off..

  10. Totally worked for me. I have a motorola xt351 and at first an error was prompted when trying to update the device, but after installing the proper drivers for my phone on my pc, and checking the mass storage and usb debugging on it, everything worked just fine (even in w7)

  11. Thanks in advanced for all your time to help us!!! Finally I don’t get anymore the “Low space” message with this root! I tried to root my phone (Fire XT 311) on Windows 7 x64 but it’s not working so I try to root on Windows XP and all is good & smooth! Thanks again for this BIG, BIGGGG HELP! Hope to see a custom room or maybe an ICS update :o)
    PS Can I overclock the CPU from 600 MHz to 800 MHz I saw in Samsung Ace the same CPU model and it’s @ 800MHz?!?

    Motorola Fire XT311 + Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread rooted!

    • Ok! We will update you on Custom ROM (ICS) ‘if any’ for this model soon, i have registered your request. Thanks a lots for the feedback. Like Us on the Facebook to stay connected 🙂

  12. I have rooted my fire XT but not able to install Custom ROM.The bootloader of this device is locked.Any method to unlock bootloader?

  13. Plz let me know ……wt kind of data will be erased from phone on rooting…………..Will it have any effect on other applications that i have installed or pre installed on my phone memory..???

    My phone is Motorola fire xt 530 Version 2.3.5.

  14. I have Motorola Fire XT 530. I followed the instruction mentioned. Using Super one click to root the phone it installed superuser app on my phone but didn’t restart my phone as said in the instructions. Also I checked my phone I dont see it getting rooted. Please help.

  15. Rooted my Motorola Fire Xt530 thanks to your fabulous tutorial! 🙂 Only glitch in the tutorial was-you should have mentioned it in the beginning itself that one has to install the driver files from the motorola website and given the link too. Additionally, you could have mentioned that one has to install .net version 2.0.50… onto the computer and also given its link. Otherwise it is a really good tutorial, and really thank you guys! 🙂

    • You can do it with Unroot Option in Superoneclick Tool and can gain warranty back. If you will face any problems, you can restore your current ROM, which we suggest to make backup before trying to root your phone.

  16. I have a motorola fire xt311 , and i am scared to root it because i don’t want to brake it…. does that work on my phone ? and with those steps i root it certainly ? please answer me .. thanks 🙁

  17. Thanks a lot. My motorola fire xt530 android 2.3.5 has been rooted without any problem. These are so simple steps to get rooted.

  18. hi. please help me i just break my phone rooting 20 days my contact is not working so please help me it always force close so i have posted some video and and my unroot is also not working it show android composite adb interface not found so plaese help me to solve this problem”i want to unroot and just reflash from service center.

      • but the main reason i does not want to flash any custom rom.

        and i also going to service center today for my luck try to flash my software.

        and only error is android composite adb interface error

          • yes i have take the phone to service center and they make my phone same when i buy the phone .i think they does not know the the rooting or super user they only void the warranty when custom rom is install.

            so this time my luck is good and i get back my phone.

            root your phone if phone get problem take to serve center they are best in there job and repair your phone.

            prove rooting not void your warranty in case of motorola yes proved by taking rooted phone to service center and super user install and not remove after factory reset .so motorola is a good brand.they also advice me to change mother board of phone for my some problem.

      • guys plzzzzzzz help i am strucked …,
        to recover my rom i downloded my rom manager and clockworkmod recovery and pressed backup rom .. the phone is off and not starting its null if i remove battery and start its just giving a vibration plzzzz help me .., i am unable to post in xda forms ……,1000 if thanks some one who help me

    • Hey Aditya,

      i installed SUT LR on win 7 64 bit and i also have .Net framework but when i run the tool i get error
      An attempt was made to load a program with and incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT:0x8007000B)

      Pls pls help

  19. It worked on my XT530 2.3.6. I first installed the Motorola drivers from the Motorola website:
    and then followed the steps listed here.

    I was not impressed with the expertise shown by the staff on the messages here, they did not even update the tutorial to mention installing the Motorola drivers though saunak sahoo pointed it out 2 months ago. But then the thing works and due diligence is the burden of the phone owner.

  20. It worked fine on my XT 530 too! After I rooted my phone, I created a FAT 32 partition on my SD card (I used MiniTool Partition Wizard Home for that), and I installed the Link2SD app from GooglePlay on my phone. Now I Have an extra 2 GB space for my apps to play with! Thank u so match for all of the advices and for the time you spend for us, without beeing paid for that. Actually, I get furious when I see people complaining for this and that, when all they have to do is to follow the steps! At least they had to sent a “Thanks mate”! Greetings from Greece!!!

    —>Always be Curious – Never be Sarcastic<–

  21. Hey there im back here after a long time…
    i know its funny… but i finally made up my mind to root my phone(Moto Fire XT530),since my phone was new then.. so i didn’t want to meddle with it.
    since i’v made up my mind now i have a doubt how do u backup the rom on this phone?

      • I successfully rooted my phone yesterday and everything was fine and the wifi was connecting properly as well but now it isn’t connecting anymore (only my device)
        i have even tried the static IP address setting several times by now and din’t work… i came to know that factory resetting will solve this problem… but my question is will factory resetting the phone unroot the phone and remove the Super user app or will it not??
        or do you know any alternative solution for the wifi issue…i’m completely positive the problem isn’t with the router.
        i dont want to factory reset my phone because there a lots of apps installed in it and i dont want to redo all the work.
        sorry to bother u… once again….
        thank you. 🙂

        • update….
          i factory resetted my phone and it did not work and now…. i have a doubt on my router. still… do u have a solution in case its my phones fault

        • hey can u whelp me up with my prob! cant install android apps on my rooted cell.. says low memory inspite of the available space

  22. i have rooted my motorola XT530 with this method..and it says the device has been successfully rooted.but when i try to install some android apps from their apk format .it gives up a message fee up the space and try again. there a lot of ffree space available both in phone memory and external memory card.. give me a solution to this thing!

    • don’t worry bro.. i had d same problem all u have to do is connect the phone to pc select mass storage and just remove it and now u can install any apps u have(apk)…. or if u have lost your data cable all u have to do is wait for few hours and it’l become alright…. this commonly happens to most phone after rooting its probably because of the change in ROM.

    • Hi! We apologize for delayed reply. I think you can rest the phone to default (factory reset) which should fix the problem, and also you can try by putting the phone into recovery mode and then do wipe for cache/devil partition. I hope that helps.

      • hey please hel me…. (Moto Fire XT530)
        my wifi isnt working it say connecting…. obtaining ip address….. and then disconnected…. then shows a message saying – “get IP address fail,please check your password or check wifi ap status” i tried….
        1)forgetting the networks and reconnecting (failed)
        2)trying static ip address with correct gateways and all… (failed)
        3)factory reset (failed)

        what should i do how can i get my wifi working again….?

      • hey factory reset would remove all the apps yt? what of the problem remains after that too? what will be the other alternative? i ll just be having a cell without apps.!! n how to put the phone into the recovery mode?

      • yes yes yes yes!! it worked.. thanks a lot man.. thanks a lot.!! 😉 you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! studs! 🙂 m so happy.. 😛 🙂

  23. Excuse me TECHCLAP developers… can u help me with my problem?…. my phone’s wifi isn’t connecting it says- “connecting….. ” , “Obtaining IP address….” , and then “Disconnected.” the same keeps showing again and again but never connects…. I have tried Static IP address and i have even tried factory resetting my phone…..

  24. Hey!! I think i have softbricked my phone as the phone is stuck in bootloop just shows the motorola logo..and doesnt go beyond do i fix this?

  25. I successfully (I guess..) root my Motorola XT 531 with this method, but I yet can’t uninstall apps that come with the phone to release memory. How can I solve this problem?? It only uses more internal memory and didn’t made any positive difference.


  26. Hey…
    When I try to Wipe Data/Factory Reset my phone, it just won’t work…. the problem here is that I can’t mount nor wipe nor format my /data… What can I do?

  27. Hi guys..i just bought motorola fire xt 531 4 days ago and i want to root it to free up some space on my internal memory..and then my problem starts here..after i use the SUTLR and download the .xml file (the FXX one)..but i always get the error after 90secs

    Error Code: 0x4000

    Error:Download Fail,
    Error: DEVICE_NOT_CONFIGURE (0x4000)

    like the guys above on this thread..i use a laptop with 32bit..
    anyone of you can tell me what i have to do or the things i did but it wrong?

  28. hi guys i tried to root my motorola fire xt 311 with this method.. but getting the same error which is below mentioned post. (i.e., Error Code: 0x4000

    Error:Download Fail,
    Error: DEVICE_NOT_CONFIGURE (0x4000))

    please help me to get rid of it.. I searched a lot to solve this problem.. in the end i was at empty hand:( pls pls help me…

  29. hi guys i tried to root my motorola fire xt 311 with this method.. but getting the same error which is below mentioned post. (i.e., Error Code: 0x4000

    Error:Download Fail,
    Error: DEVICE_NOT_CONFIGURE (0x4000))

    please help me to get rid of it.. I searched a lot to solve this problem.. in the end i was at empty hand:( pls pls help me…

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