Root HTC Desire C Android Phone with Superboot

Just recently launched HTC Desire C, was new milestone in HTC’s affordable Phones, which is selling around Rs. 13000 in India nowadays. Without wasting more time, developers had went ahead and rooted this phone successfully. HTC Desire C rooting method now available, which will allow you to install any app, and this will also open the doors to install any custom ROM on this device, if you are not happy with default UI and want different features, which are present in third party ROMs. All the Custom ROMs require that your phone should be rooted, so here we go.

Just for round up, HTC Desire C is entry level Android Phone which runs on a 600MHz processor, with the 512MB RAM. Alongside NFC Support, Desire C runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System, with latest HTC’s Sense 4 UI. The phone has weight of just 98g. The only bad point of this smartphone is that, autofocus is not effective, as thus it lacks that level quality of shots.

You might already tried to root HTC Desire C, and there are some tutorials, which are either not working or not useful. We’ve here got working method of rooting this latest HTC smartphone. In the dur course of this article, we will be checking out to on the procedure to Root HTC Desire C, and break the barrier to install any ROM or app.

Features of r1 Superboot by PaulOBrien (MoDaCo’s Superboot):

  • Suberboot is a boot.img when device gets booted.
  • This will root your device, when device will boot first time after installing su and superuser APK (explained below).
  • It doesn’t overwrite your existing official Stock ROM on your device, and it won’t need to flash the partition, and it won’t touch contents etc. stored in data partition.

Disclaimer: Rooting your HTC Desire C is a risky process, and it would void your phone’s warranty, means you will not longer to claim warranty. Even you might be aware that your phone can even get bricked or damaged during you try to root your device, with any method. We at or developer should not held responsible if anything goes wrong to your device. Please try the steps at your own risk.


  • Your HTC Desire C should be charged minimum 80% before you proceed with rooting process.
  • We recommend you to Disable Antivirus and Firewall program in your Computer, to eliminate the any conflict.
  • We suggest to manually make Backup of all data the HTC Device:
  • You need to make sure that USB Debugging Mode is Turned On. Navigate to the path ‘Settings>Applications>Development>USB  debugging’.
  • Download and Install Drivers for connectivity between your phone and computer. Make sure you have data Cable available and keep it near PC, which is essential to enable connectivity of PC and Phone.

I hope you have prepared everything as suggested above, now let’s start procedure, which we summed up in easy process.

How to Root HTC Desire C on Stock Android 4.0 ICS Firmware

Step1: First of all, you need to Unlock the Bootloader. Link (HTC Bootloader Unlock Guide).

Step 2: Now, Download the superboot r1 compressed zip file, and extract it to a directory in your Computer.

Step 3: Now you need to reboot your HTC Desire C phone, and then put it in boot loader mode. To start device in bootloader mode, you have to turn off the device, and then turn on while pressing and holding the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘volume down’ button.
Step 4: The file which was downloaded and extracted in Step 1, now transfer that extracted folder to your device, probably root of microSD card is good option

Step 5: Now comes final step, in which we will be flashing  the rooting file, we’ve compelled instructions for all major Computer OS, including Windows, Linux and Mac.

a) Windows Users: Firstly, Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the compressed file of Step 2. You will see there ‘install-superboot-windows.bat’ file, then double click on it to run the same.
b) Linux Users: Just open terminal window, then navigate to directory where you had extracted the file Superboot in Step 2. Type the following command(s) in terminal:

chmod +x


c) Mac Users: Open terminal window (Mac terminal), Then navigate to the directory containing the file you have extracted in step 2. Then, run the command:

chmod +x

Assuming you’ve successfully roote your HTC Desire S without any problem with Modaco’s Superboot. If in case your rooting was not successful, or your stuck at the boot screen, then just remove the battery and then re-insert. Go through step 1 to 5 once again, you should able to root the device if you’re lucky enough. If you still need further help, you can comment here below, we will do our best to resolve your query.

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  1. how long does the rooting take after i double click the batch file ? cause the bar in right up corner on the phone doesn’t seem to want to fill ..

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