Review on Samsung Galaxy Note : Head-To-Head with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung smart phones have become a product of style and elegance. They have managed well to attract the larger set of youth population. Apple, Motorola are trying their level best to lure the audience with a variety of features and specifications in their model. Last few weeks have witnessed a series of launch of Droid 3 and 4 version, iPhone 4S version etc. If you think those phones were not upto your expectations, be ready to give a thumps up to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Experts believe that Note will live up to your expectations on all occasions. With a sleek and catchy design, Note is ready to take you by surprise.

Striking Qualities

The GalNex screen is so huge when compared to the older versions and is determined to take the consumers by surprise. The newer Streak model is expected to be just a hair thicker than Note. However, it still lies in the range of 10mm thickness and a capacitive stylus screen. The performance really varies when you try to compare it with the Nexus model. With the launch of several Galaxy series, it often leads to confusion at the customer’s end. People are confused with different versions, features and their specifications and are not able to choose the products of their choice.

The Streak model cannot be the best of choices but the features and specifications are simply outdated to put up a brave fight with other variants. The 5-inch Streak comes with a resolution of 480×800 and the Note has got 1280×800 resolution on a 5.3 inch screen. Streak runs on a 1GHz single core processor while the Note is powered by 1.5GHz dual core processor. These specifications should give you volume of thoughts on the subject of comparison.

Galaxy Note has a giant screen but Nexus too has the same. The Ice Cream Sandwich-flavored Nexus does not have a special stylus but comes with Android 4.0 system which is valued more than the S Pen. The pixel density of Nexus is greater than that of the Note though the size is little bit less when compared with Note. Note model has 8 MP camera and Nexus comes with 5 MP camera. This kind of specification cannot guarantee you the best of pictures. However, experts are not quite satisfied with both the cameras. It is good to know that Nexus has better features that will let you to explore the pictures which will give a thumbs-up.

Nexus or Note:

Both the models come in the same price category with not much of a difference. Under that scenario, experts argue that Nexus has better value for your money unless your superior insists on Note. The S Pen functionality in Note is expected to have limited usage and cannot be extended to all sorts of occasion. Exploring the options with Nexus shall be a better idea and the product is worth your money. So, are you ready to explore the most exciting smart phone in the industry?

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