Tutorial to Resize Windows 8 Border Easily [Hack]

Some of those who are familiar with Windows 7, and was loving to use it, are pretty much disappointed with the Microsoft’s latest rival in Operating Systems, called Windows 8. The reason behind that they’re not satisfied exists in totally different interface of Windows 8. In short, some users like me hate Windows 8 (sometimes) when we miss Aero Interface, which was major improvement over the Windows XP.

It is reality, that Windows 8 Borders are comparably thick by default in the OS, which doesn’t look good. In fact, they seems over sized, and Microsoft obviously have tried to change the layout completely, which was introduced in Windows Vista and later improved in Windows 7 with Glass effect. If you’re one of those users who want to change the size of Windows 8 borders, then you hit the right place, as we’ve compelled this tutorial with the multiple methods to get it done.

Let’s discuss with the methods. First one is pretty easy and safe, and second one needs special tool which has been built by a thirds party company.

Method 1

Registry Edit

This is method i would suggest you to try at first preference, as this is the easy method here. You can easily modify the width of Windows 8 Borders width padding, easily from the registry editor (regedit). Below is how you can do it:

  • For that you firstly need to run the Regedit, to get the same firstly press Windows key, then type regedit in registry editor and then again press enter.
  • When you see the Registry Editor Windows opened, then immediately navigate to the below mentioned key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics
  • After you’re on Desktop\WindowMetrics folder in Registry Editor, then head over to the right pane and here is the secret exists. Just you need to modify BorderWidth and PaddedBorderWidth values.
  • If you want to make Windows 8 Borders tiny or small, then you just need to change BorderWidth value. If you want to change the width to the maximum as possible, then set the BorderWidth value to 0, same you have to do with PaddedBorderWidth.
  • After saving the changes in registry, then just Sign out and Sign back, which will instantly activate the new Window 8 Border width when you will sign in back.
  • Just review the new size of the Window, if in case you’re not happy with the experience, then you’ve not messed up anything and we’ve solution for same. Just set back the BorderWidth to PaddedBorderWidth to -15 and -60 respectively.
  • If in case you want to change the Color of Window, then you can get the same by firstly pressing the Window key then simply type the Window borders>Settings>Enter. Here you can select color of the Window accordingly as per the choice.

So, it was the first method to change the size of Window 8 Border. We’ve easy method also to get the same, which will be installing a third party application. This method is recommended for those, who are not familiar with editing registry keys. If you were not friendly with the above method, then you should go ahead with second method i am going to talk about in the next section of this article.

Method 2


This is the same method i have explained above, actually i mean to say this tool is designed to edit registry only. WinAero application would edit same registry values, but you won’t need to edit the registry values manually but this can be done with easy to use graphical interface.

By-default 4x Window borders are there in Window 8, which we can modify easily. The major disadvantage in this course is that Microsoft has totally removed  classic appearance option from Windows 8, and you only need hacks now to reduce the size. For that same reason WinAero has been developed, and you don’t need to install in the system and just double-click on .exe file you got in the downloaded package (download link). Here is how WinAero Tiny Windows Borders works:

  • Run the TinyWindowsBorders.exe file
  • After the interface Tiny Windows Borders Window opens up, then you will need to modify settings.
  • You will see two settings including Border Width and Border Padding, and just rotate the slider or change the number from the interface. Please choose the setting wisely, as this will affect the Window border size.
  • After you selected required Border Width or Border Padding, then just click on Apply which would save the setting permanently.
That’s it. It was easy enough. With this tool, you can also make the Window border size large, if you like so. Otherwise wise option would be to reduce it as it won’t look good according to my opinion. If in case you would want to use the by default setting once again, then you just need to set the Border Width to 1, and the Border Padding to 4. I have mentioned the both methods, both are easy to perform, but you can go ahead with anyone you like.
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