Razer Switchblade is First Intel Atom Z690 Powered Device [Video]

Razer is now showcasing the highly anticipated Gaming Device called ‘Razer Switchblade’. The company is showing the device running popular video games in videos, and also announced the it’ll be powered by Intel Atom Processor Z690 which runs at 1.70 GHz core speed, which makes it world’s first device to run the latest CPU from Intel.

The company announced that Intel Atom Processor can run various games with superior performance with its faster clock speed. The Intel Z690 is claimed to provide up to 13 percent higher performance compared to its predecessors. The Tencent and ChangYou will support game optimization for this device. The new gaming device aka Gaming PC from Razer integrates the multi-touch 7-inch screen, enhanced user interface, adaptive tactile keyboard for smoother and desktop like gaming experience to the game enthusiasts.

“Intel is very excited to be working closely with Razer on the next generation of mobile handheld PC gaming,” said Brad Graff, consumer marketing director, Netbook and Tablet Group, Intel. “The Razer Switchblade concept takes advantage of the Intel Atom processor, providing the performance needed to run 3D PC games in a small and light form factor to enable mobile gaming at significantly less power than a traditional laptop,” he added.

Let’s have a look at this Razer Switchblade Handheld Gaming PC video:

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