Rajnikanth Powered Website Works without an Internet Connection

The Web sites are based on Internet, and the Internet is all about Web sites. Ever thought that web sites can work without Internet Connectivity? Your answer is obviously No! And mine was also, when i today came to know this from through our Editor.

Well.. we both were wrong, the title of this post describes everything right. Yes! websites have caught on action while running, without Internet Connectivity. It is super power of ‘Rajnikanth – A Super Hero of Movies’. This may sound like I am telling you a joke or I am kidding, no.. no.. its reality and I have tested it since last half an hour, and I am extremely impressed.

The web site is named as ‘All About Rajni’. As shown above in screen shot, when you enter the site, you get a welcome greeting message, where Rajnikanth is shown with a Gun in his hand, and messages saying, ‘He is No Ordinary Man’ and ‘This is No Ordinary Website’, It runs on Rajni Power, The Only Way To Enter This Website is To Switching Your Internet Off.’

If you still thinking it is a joke, no it is not!. The Super Hero Rajnikanth website is a reality and it is live in action, it is initiative of DesiMartini.com. It starts the magic, as soon as you disconnect your internet. You will notice a ‘How to’ link as well, when connected to Internet, where they have provided guides to basic users how to disconnect the Internet connection. After disconnecting the Internet, you will see ‘Congratulations. Your Actions have earned you the right to browse the website’ along with ‘Click Here to Enter Website’. When I clicked, it worked like charm and the magics of Rajni was in action.

After clicking you will get three sections, crafted in flowers. Those are- The Man: The Story of his life (It highlights the all the stories of Rajnikanth’s life;. The second is ‘The Star: The Inside Scoop’ (It displays the behind-the-camera scenes), and ‘The Legend: The stuff only Rajni can. (It explores the stuffs which only Rajnikanth can do). Once you go into particular section, you will see everything in actions, in form of beautifully created slides. Every slide fulfilled and makes the Rajnikanth fans feel a joy, when they read the jokes about the almost impossible actions which he is unable to do. It looks funny, but it is great to read.

Creative Director of Webchutney, Gurbaksh Singh said to PTI that this website is designed to give tribute to legendary Superhero, ‘Rajnikanth’. The websites give true reflection of Rajnikanth style, in terms of his style icons and music as well, which keeps playing until you stop it using a button on left. The website is created using a complex programmed algorithm, which runs at background and monitors the data packets propagation between two terminals. The claim is absolutely true, the website will not allow you until you disconnect the Internet connection. But once you re-connect the Internet connection, the website will not displayed and will warn you with ‘Aiyyoo! That was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your Internet.’ See yourself the live Rajnikanth Website. P.S. You need to visit this link with connecting the Internet, and after website gets opened, simply disconnect the Internet, its mandatory.

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