PS4 and Xbox One Rumours

It seems like these two have been in the making for ever, but with  E3 2013 coming next week these two are going to be in the spotlight and we should have  a lot more information on the much anticipated gaming consoles. There is still so much that Microsoft and Sony wont tell us but we do know a little bit of info to give us some insight into what these amazing machines will be capable of. Lets focus on what we know (or what the rumours are saying) for now and see how the stack up against each other;

Playstation Four VS XBox One

ps4 vs xbox 1


AMD has done well due to the fact that Nintendo wii, Playstation four and Xbox one are all using their CPU’s or should I say GPU’s to run their systems. The wii already has an AMD Raedon ‘latte’ powering the console and the PS4 has a whopping eight-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” CPU as well as an AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine GPU. Microsoft is being quite secretive about its hardware but it is rumoured to have an 8 core custom AMD CPU. Which one is faster we don’t yet know but I say it will be a close race as the two giants compete for superiority of the gaming arena.

They both have 8 gb of ram but playstation has a slightly faster GDDR5 as apposed to DDR3 ram used in Xbox one, this may sound impressive but it is pretty standard when dealing with gaming computers but in the same breath it is nothing to sneeze at being four times the amount of Wii U and a whopping 16 times improvement on the PS3 And Xbox 360. As far as motion control Xbox is featuring an upgrade of its famous Kinect- KInect 2 whilst Playstation has it’s Playstaion eye which is rumoured to be sold seperately which could potentially give xbox the advantage as the PS eye may be seen from a game developers point of view as an optional extra and possibly not every game will have its functionality built into the design. They both have an online service and 4K support.

In terms of controllers I have to say that Nintendo really thought outside of the square this time whilst Sony and Microsoft made slight modifications to their original designs. Here is a brief video showcasing the Playstaion 4 controller;

Now that you have sat through two grown men talking about a piece of plastic 😛 here is another video describing the new Xbox controller;

Now for the cameras

It seems like Microsoft  has really outdone themselves this time with the kinect 2 it has a more advanced motion tracking system that can also see in the dark and if that wasn’t great enough it also has a a microphone which responds to voice control, this was something that Microsoft was very vocal about and I can see why

Playstation 4 also has an upgrade camera but it seems a step down from what Microsoft is offering as Sony are not promoting it as much as it’s rival. It is still a nice feature with 3d video capture recording at  up to 1,280 x 800 pixels at 60 frames per second.

They are not just gaming consloes

Seems like these consoles do everything, both of them featuring blu ray disc players and an online media library to choose from. Xbox takes it to the next level with its own programme guide that works in conjunction with your cable service provider. Its is said that Xbox live is so strongly tied to the xbox that you must have an online connection to play the games this is not the case with PS4 which have obviously catered to people who don’t have the best internet connection.

The two giants in gaming are set to release  at the same time this year but unfortunately that haven’t  specified a price or an exact date. Considering they are going to be released around the same time you would think the prices would be pretty competitive and we all hope they will be cheaper than what the PS3 and Xbox were first being sold for… Stay tuned for more updates after E3…

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