How to Pre-Order BSNL Penta TPAD Tablets with Order Confirmation

Since, TechClap News Team have already done the detailed coverage on BSNL Penta Tablets on the launch day itself, detailed features and specifications, along with pre-order links. We thought to guide you through the process of pre-booking the tablets. And the good news is that, the BSNL Tablets are up for grab, but through pre-order, meanwhile you have to wait till its delivery to your doorstep. Lets guide quickly, to end you question, ‘How do i order BSNL Penta Tablets with Order Confirmation’, as this was the question of few of our Readers.

If you have not read already, or not aware about BSNL Tablets i would like to introduce and remind about details about BSNL Penta Tablets, if you have not read already. BSNL Penta Tablets are result of, cooperation of Govt. owned BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) and Pantel Technologies. As we already reported on News Section, there are three Tablets to choose from, which are BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R, Penta TPAD WS704C and Penta TPAD WS802C. The ‘T-Pad’ would be brand name for BSNL Tablets, Nice one though.

The BSNL Tablets are priced ranging from Rs. 3,499 to Rs. 12,678 (There is difference to notice in prices which we reported here, as per confirmation from the company on the day of launch.). It doesn’t matter, but today’s price seems actual as of now, but earlier price was probably MRP. The first mode, BSNL Penta TPAD WS704C equipped with a 17.8-inch capacitive touch screen, and runs on a 1GHz process along with 512MB of RAM. The tablets supports expandable memory o fup to 32GB, whereas 4GB memory card is going to ship you in sales package to you, if you are going to buy.

The other two models, Penta TPAD WS704C and Penta TPAD WS802C are far ahead then base model Penta TPAD IS701R. They runs IMAP210 1GHz and Cortex A8 1.2Ghz processors. They are priced for 9,917 and Rs. 12,678, so it is obvious to expect powerful specifications. But these tablets have to compete hardly with Mercury mTab Series Tablets and Beetel MagiQ Glide. There are other competitors as well. The TPAD WS704C and TPAD WS802C supports same 32GB expandable memory, but WS802C also supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System, while both tablets comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System pre-installed. The best feature of these three tablets i liked that, all of them supports 3G dongle and 3G SIM, which is very high plus point in favor of their reputation against Aakash Tablet.

Pre-Order BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R, Penta TPAD WS704C and Penta TPAD WS802C

Our friends at The Mobile Indian have talked to Virendra Singh, managing director of Pantel Technologies. Where it is revealed, finally that their BSNL-Penta tablets up for order now, but for future delivery.

Modes of Payment Accepted for BSNL Penta tablets

  • Cash Only (COD/ Cash On Delivery)
  • Credit Card, Debit Card and Internet Banking Payment options are going to add March 5.

Book Online/ Online Booking

Book on Phone/ Phone Booking

There is dedicated toll-free phone number is available by Pantel, which aims to facilitate the order process and for consumer’s convenience, along with regular phone nos.

  • Dial Phone Numbers: (0120) 427731-32, 4308999 or 4308999
  • Optionally, you can also call 1800-103-7739 (Toll-free number) to order the tablets.
  • Same like Online Booking Method, you will get Call from Verification Dept., in addition to Booking ID for your Order Confirmation from Pantel.

BSNL Penta Tablets Delivery and Market Launch Time (Expected)

It will take few more days to start delivery. The Delivery of BSNL Penta Tablets is starting on March 5, 2012. But it will be under first come, first serve policy. BSNL will send their Tablets, BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R, Penta TPAD WS704C and Penta TPAD WS802C tablets in march, also pre-order customers will be see the tablet first time after March 5, because that is the date when deliveries would be started.

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