Opera: Samsung Top Smartphone Maker, Facebook Most visited Website in India [Infographic]

Android is by this time regal personage of the mobile phones market, and there is not cast doubt upon Windows platform is striving to get closer to it with the Lumia phones series by Nokia. Opera India Team has shared with us very interesting stuffs, in the ‘State Of The Android Mobile Web’. The Opera Team have analyzed the data, based on the users who have installed Opera Mini browser in their phones. Though, we can’t consider this data accurate because figures may vary thought the country.

In State of the Android Mobile Web report, the Opera team has revealed the deep insights on Mobile browsing behavior of Android’s Opera Mini users. They further claimed that Opera Mini users got increased by 136% last year, which is quick increase of 19% of the total Opera Mini users in India. The company said that their users totally increased by over 62% in the said period, which is total of 12% total Opera Mini users in the country.

Here are the highlights of State of the Android Mobile Web- India Spotlight

  • 136.6% of total Opera Mini users are using smartphone while 62% Opera Mini running devices are based on Android. Android has become second largest platform of Opera Mini users as a result.
  • It is also highlighted that mostly Opera Mini users like to visit Facebook. Surprisingly, 21.7% Opera Mini users in India using the browser to visit Facebook.
  • 67% Opera Mini users in India, love to user Opera Mini to visit their favorite social network website.
  • 72.9% of total page viewed by Indian users of the browser are for only Facebook.
  • The team has also analyzed the niche of websites, and nature of websites users like mostly. From the top 100 websites, 28% users use it to read News & Information, 17% E-commerce to purchase things online, 13% for downloading stuff, 10% for Google Search, 8% Travel, 8% Social Networking, 5% Video, and 11% others including Price Comparison websites.
  • It is also interesting subject that a total of every 9 users from every 10 users using Android phones that are manufactured by Samsung. Samsung leads with 31%, 23% Sony, 15% Micromax, 7% HTC, 5% Karbonn, and others got only 19%.
  • Opera Mini also said to compress webpages at the higher rate, thus it saves a lot of data for users, making the browsing affordable to them to save more money.

If you’re interested to explore further, you can see the same in Infographic below.


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