Nokia Launches Nokia Music+

Today Nokia is focused on making Windows-based phones for the future and also to provide the best source of the applications in their Lumia phones. Now, Nokia has announced about their new music app Nokia +, which is a paid app. Users have to pay € 3.99 per month ($ 3.99 in the U.S.). Nokia put this service in view of competing services like Pandora One and Spotify.


The application is meant for the people who love music a lot. It is the only smart phone service in which we can never ever have to sign up or sign in. As we all know, Nokia was never ad-supported. Millions of songs out of the box are there without any ads interruption. Nokia Music is ideal for exploring music and there are plenty of users who expect more of the same, people love this mobile service and are amazed that Nokia can offer free.

Nokia Music + (Plus) is characterized by the unlimited downloading and infinite skipping. You can download and save songs for offline use. + Music allows users to get high quality downloads when connected via Wi-Fi, you can download the lyrics too. The Nokia Music Plus also allows us to use this application without phones. There is a complimentary web application gives us ability to play mixes on computers and other connected screen. This service is basically add-on to the Lumia phones with existing radio capabilities. Nokia’s mix radio services had millions of playlists. Subscriber is able to download up to “eight times” the quality of songs. This service is for those who care enough about music to pay something for quality and choice, and don’t want to pay $9.99 monthly

Nokia Music+ Features Highlights:

  • Unlimited Skips and Unlimited Downloads
  • Higher Quality Songs
  • Web App for quick access

For now, Nokia has not said a word on which countries would be lucky to have the Nokia Music + first.

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