Nokia Lumia 1020 Leaked On The Net

nokia_logoLots of information has been leaked about the new Nokia Lumia 1020 prior to its US launch in July, most of which promises to be fairly accurate. While Nokia have apparently denied earlier rumours that the smartphone would be officially unveiled on July 11th, it is still expected to launch before the end of the month with US Microsoft stores are already stocking the phone. The Lumia 1020 will be available in yellow, white, or black and retail in the US for around $300. The price in India is rumored to be  Rs 51,450…


Camera first, phone second


While the official launch date  in the UK is yet to be revealed, we do at least now know rather more about the phone. It seems to be a camera first and a phone second because the camera is rumoured to be an amazing 41 MP. You could call it a super-sized camera and a smart phone rolled into one. It will also be Finnish Nokia’s first smartphone to run on Windows Phone.


With a camera that size it is inevitable that phone’s selling point will be the great pictures owners can take and immediately post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Some of you might be thinking that with a camera that powerful, downloading onto Facebook will take a life time. Not so. The phone can take 5 MP shots for sharing on social networks. The new Pro Camera app which comes with the phone will offer lots of wizzy advanced settings, allowing the owner to utilise all kinds of special effects. There will be an LED flash, F2.2 aperture and built in optical image stabilisation. The phone is also expected to have 2 GB of RAM and a 32 GB internal memory. If you are already a fan of the Finnish phone company then it is highly likely that you will want to sell your nokia here in the UK and trade it in for the 1020. Whether android and BlackBerry users will want to follow suit, remains to be seen.


One of the chief problems with the smartphone though is that, yes, the camera is fantastic if you are planning on printing huge prints. Then the vast number of mega pixels really come into their own and you could find yourself with some potentially stunning photos. However, that is not what most of us do. Let’s face it, if you are that serious about photography you will not be taking your photos with a smartphone but with a proper camera. It must also be said that this is still a Windows Phone with the Windows platform and consequently does not have some of the better known apps such as Instagram, Vine and Snapchat.


British and India launch date


It is expected that the smartphone will be available in yellow, black or white and be in British and Indian shops by the end of September . In the US it is retailing at around $300 but Nokia has not yet revealed how much they will charge for it  in Britain although it is expected to be around £200.



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