MyTi.ONE : Combination of Tablet and Notebook Revealed at EFY Expo 2013

MyTi Technetronics Private Limited is a brand-new firm registered recently. Two Young man has come up with the device ‘MyTi. ONE’ is one complete notebook that fills the gap between a notebook and a tablet.MyTi.ONE is a made in India Tablet that can double as a notepad for the consumer to make soft copies of all your notes.

MyTi.ONE is a tablet with covering pad on one side. Users can clip papers onto this covering pad to take notes. The same pad can also be used to type using Swype-based gestures on the QWERTY keypad. As it opens like a book, users can take notes while referring to some e-book and share digital notes with friends and teachers.

The device is develop by Rohin Kumar and Sumit Mamoria. Rohin wanted a device that could be used as a textbook and  as a notebook because sharing notes is a major problem. Rohin said that a rough plan  made when the idea was conceived about a year ago. As they realised that obtaining the components needed was becoming difficult, they updated their model to a semi-knocked-down design.”


Technology within MyTi.ONE

Sumit says,”From the start, the design philosophy of MyTi was to make the user experience as natural as possible. Users should be able  naturally and intuitively correlate the functionality with what they already know, thus minimising the learning curve.”

Hardware Design

  • MyTi.ONE consists of detachable   by two USB  to  write-and-type hybrid input device pad on the right side.
  • WTH pad can be detached after which the tablet can be used as any other general tablet. This makes it easier for people transition regular tablets MyTiONE as it offers all the regular functionality.
  • The tablet is connected via USB hinges powering the WTH pad. The active WTH pad can be used for writing as well as typing through the Swype Keyboard. In this mode, the tablet can be closed like a diary or book.
  • It shows that the tablet is superimposed over the WTH pad to use MyTi pen as stylus. The pen-tip  can be changed to plastic tip suitable for the screen. The sensor used to detect MyTi pen’s motion in HW_CONFIG2 is used to capture the tablet’s coordinates. This enhances the experience of writing as compared to the blunt capacitive styluses available in the market.

Software Design :Software modes are primarily divided into apps used for writing and typing.

  • Switching between these two modes can be achieved by clicking the pen/stylus on the left top of the paper.
  • User should be able to move to a new page, or create a new page by clicking on the right top of the paper, after which the user has  manually flip the paper.
  • Being a start-up in the electronics hardware industry, the team faced difficulty to get the right resources and technologies. Even, They did not get a proper response from well-known manufacturing vendors because, the members were not expected to order in bulk quantities to purchase even a sample. They made proper plans overcome these problems by keeping various options open.

Improvement in the Device

Some of the improvements include eliminating the need for battery, ability to work with devices and a better software for organising notes. They believe in continuously improving the user experience to make it as close to the natural way of working as possible.

Via: Efytimes

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