Motorola Droid 4 Review – A Closer Look to Specifications And Features

It’s definitely good news for the Motorola lovers as they can have access to the short version and long version of the tablet. Droid 4 does not resemble any of its previous versions. It comes with a stellar keyboard performance and solid design. Elegant design and sleek features can grab your attention easily. The short version will cost you just $199 which is promising and affordable for the end users. This article will help you to understand the pros and cons of the short and long version of Droid 4. Here you go!

Characteristic Features

It has a 4-inch screen with 540×960 display. 1.2 GHz dual core processor offers some powerful operations to be executed and has Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread system. 8 MP camera is not something new in this series and the sliding 5 row QWERTY keyboard makes it very elegant. The price is very much within the affordable limit and the model is packed with features that will make Droid 4 worthy.

Droid 4 presents a solid construction look and is very comfortable. It is very easy to operate and has a better design when compared with the previous versions. It has a print resistant nature and has a comfortable rear side.


Despite the 8 MP camera, the quality of photo output is not up to the expectation. The entire system chugs a bit if you try to push it for performance. The battery does not live up to the standard.

Software Specs

Droid 4 is operated on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread version. It is neither pure Android nor Motoblur exactly. The same is the case with user interface design which is neither useful nor bad. The flashy pop-ups when you switch between the applications might cause you a headache at its worst. The presence of social hubs is a good point but the poor design of UI makes it a tougher choice to use.

There will be a handful of Verizon applications that are bundled with the Droid 4 version such as could syncing, switching apps between phone and PC, connection to Netflix, lite version of Maden NFL 12, NFL music, Kindle Reader, Mog Music etc.

Camera Quality

Experts believe that the camera quality does not meet the expectations despite having 8 MP camera. The outcome of the photo quality is poor. There are several options to be explored in the camera but none of them can deliver the good quality photo. The camera is not dependable and brings down the expectations.


Call quality is good but the users will have a difficult time in switching between the microphones and the normal modes at times. The performance can be compared to good quality mobiles and certainly not the best ones available in the market. The Droid 4 falls short on its battery expectations. It will last only for about 4 hours which is highly frustrating for the enthusiastic mobile users. It is definitely not a good news for Motorola too!

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  1. As you told there are so many limitations like:
    Camera quality, switching between microphones, battery problem. After hearing these I do not think anyone will dare to purchase it.

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