Microsoft Touch, Explorer, Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Gets Windows 8 Drivers

Microsoft launched a new Range of stylish and attractive Windows 8 Hardware accessories, Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, Keyboard and Sculpt Mouse. Besides Windows 8 accessories, company also proclaimed an updated Windows 8 drivers for it’s products such as Touch Mouse, Explorer Touch Mouse and Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 which can be intelligibly downloaded from These new drivers warrant that consumers get a kick out of the best of touch even on a non-touch device. All of them are high on style and performance and can be paired with a PC, tablet, or laptop. Pricing for these “must buy” accessories ranges from the maximum retail price of Rs. 1,205 to Rs. 4.935 and the intact portfolio is available in retail outlets across the country.


New Windows 8 gesture drivers are available for the following products like Touch Mouse, Explorer Touch mouse and Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. The drivers furnish the Windows 8 touch experience a unexpurgated modish life.

Windows 8 drivers  Hardware accessories portfolio :

  • Microsoft Touch Mouse : Microsoft Touch mouse has an renewed gestures designed specifically for Windows 8, placidly budging through the start screen. The Touch mouse has made the user life easiest to obtain the most important features in Windows with one, two and three fingered gestures that are available for PC use. The gestures can also be customized for the personal user experience. The control and precision of a conventional mouse blended with seamless navigation available with touch technology.
  • Microsoft Explorer Touch mouse: Microsoft Explorer touch mouse is a four-way touch strip also features three scrolling speeds means touch, click and go through Windows 8 that has both vertical and horizontal scrolling. This helps to speed up everyday tasks with a new scrolling experience. Wireless enabled device has five customizable buttons that let users pick Windows 8 programs and files. The files that are not in much use can easily accessible with the just tap of a finger.
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500: Its an exemplary mouse for a notebook. The mouse is available in attractive colors, involves a snap-in and space saving Nano transceiver that sticks out less than a centimeter from the USB port, makes it easy to set out it plugged in on any space. It works on Blue Track Technology.

Hardware Portfolio Quick facts :

  • Touch Mouse: Convention marries technology, this one has best of both the worlds.
  • Explorer touch mouse: It has customizable buttons that allows the users to pick files that are often used.
  • Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500: Its snap-in space –saving nano transceiver makes ideal for a mobile lifestyle.

Price of Hardware accessories :

Microsoft Touch mouse is priced at Rs. 4340.

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse is priced at Rs. 2935.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse is priced at Rs. 1205.

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