Comparison & Difference between Micromax A116 and Karbonn S1 Titanium

Android has been one of the best operating systems till now. Android was basically manufactured by Google and Samsung was the first company who used it in its Smartphones. After using Android as an operating system, Samsung has seen a success of which they could not even think off. By observing the increasing demand and fashion of Android, many low and high budget companies started using it. Samsung has already made its own position in the market so other manufacturers find it difficult to replace Samsung but still there was a way, and that was to make low budget Android based phones.


And from all those manufacturers two are our home grown, Micromax and Karbonn. Both are Indians companies. With the start of 2013 Micromax and Karbonn came out with their two exclusive phones, Micromax A116 Canvas HD and Karbonn S1 Titanium. From their specs we can judge that they are capable to fighting with Samsung’s new Grand Galaxy.

On the other hand if we talk about these two phones then we find that they are very close in case of features and specs. Both works on latest operating System Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. As we go through the features and specs in detail we end with a confusion that which is more best if we balance both features as well as price. So, if you are one of those confused person and ofcourse Android lover then this article must be very interesting for you. Just have a look over all the comparisons which we are serving to you and the best is that we have also declared the winner under each comparison. After reading this whole article I am sure that you will be able to decide that for which phone you should go. Just have taste of this. Go ahead….!!

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Comparing the specifications of Micromax A116 Canvas HD and Karbonn S1 Titanium:


Display of any phone is one of the main features, in case of Micromax A116 Canvas HD, it comes up with 5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and a color depth of 16 million and a LCD capacitive touch screen which supports fanatastic IPS technology. Whereas Karbonn S1 Titanium hasfeatures slightly small screen then the A116 and fixes at 4.5 inch capacitive touch screen display with 960×540 pixels resolution. It also sports IPS technology. Their display must be amazing.

Here we can say that Micromax A116 HD scores little bit high as its screen is also large and pixels too.

Winner- Micromax A116 Canvas HD


Processor of any phone is very important factor because functioning of the entire phone depends upon its CPU. And these phones won’t disappoints you as they both are equipped with 1.2 GHz MediaTek MT6589 quad core processor (Though. It cosists of a quad core ARM cortex A-7 CPU AND power VR series5XTGPU. This quad core processor is more than capable of everyday tasks and gaming. It consumes less battery as based on cortex A-7.

Winner- Tie

Operating System:

Operating system, then these both comes with Android latest version which is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It is easily accessible, smoothest and effortless overcoming the drawbacks of the former versions of android. It has more reactive and uniform touch responses. Blind users can also use ‘gesture mode’ to navigate through the UI using touch and swipe gestures. I must say that both companies have done appreciable work. Here both are getting equal point in their hands.

Both manufacturers have done amazingly fantastic job as they managed to feature latest Android in their phones.

Winner- Tie

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Primary camera:

We have 5 MP auto focus camera as a primary one along with a LED flash in Karbonn S1 Titanium. The camera lacks in resolution from A116 Canvas HD who sports 8MP rear camera for clicking images of high resolution with supporting features of LED flash and 4X zoom, enhancing the image quality. HD video recording is also possible.

Front camera:

We have VGA front facing camera for video calling and rear portraits in S1 Titanium as well as A116 Canvas HD. But titanium could not rule out for video recording.

Winner- Micromax Canvas A116 HD


Connectivity in both these sets is handled by 3G GSM, wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB 2.0. These are equipped in the device to connect to a specific network. So these features are almost same in both the phones.

Winner- tie


If we talk about the storage features of these smartphones then both having a RAM of 1 GB. Second is the in-built storage which Karbonn S1 Titanium will be offering of about 4 GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB via microSD card. The case is same with Micromax A116 Canvas HD i.e. 4GB internal storage with expansion up to 32 GB.

Winner- Tie


Battery of the device is the most important hardware inside it. It is not looking so promising in case of Karbonn titanium as it is providing a battery life of 1600 mAh. This much battery provides 4 hrs of the talk time which looks not so good while comparing with the other phone.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD is pretty good in this aspect as it is providing 2100 mAh battery resulting in 5hrs of talk time along with 3hrs of standby time. It seems as a perfect powerhouse for the device.

Here, Karbonn titanium has failed to deliver an impressive battery life. Even Karbonn’s A21 had bigger 1800 mAh battery life yet it failed to deliver as per the requirements. So here it is lagging too much.

Winner- Micromax A116 Canvas HD

SIM compatibility:

Today, none of the mobile phone coming up with a single sim compatibility as there are lots of benefits of the dual sim ones. These two Smartphone are also dual sim GSM support with 3G.

Winner- tie


Putting light on the prices of both the phones, it is found that Karbonn S1 Titanium will be available in the market for Rs. 10, 990 and the other one, Micromax A116 Canvas HD for Rs. 14,999. Now here the main point arises, because Micromax A116 Canvas HD priced 5K more than Karbonn S1 Titanium and scores high only in case of display and camera, Although S1 Titanium is also not that inferior.

Final verdict:

At last we left up with these words that if you are looking for a phone which carry good O.S, processor, storage then you should go for S1 titanium as it is competing with Micromax A116 Canvas HD in all these areas so, why to spent more 5k. On the other hand, there can be a bundle of few people who want big display features and more high resolution camera, so for you people Micromax A116 Canvas HD can be the right choice.

Comparison & Difference between Micromax A116 and Karbonn S1 Titanium, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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