Kingsoft Office 2012: Free Alternative to Microsoft Office

Many of you might not be able to afford highly priced ‘Microsoft Office’, then Kingsoft Office 2012 seems to be ideal for you.

What is Kingsoft Office 2012? If you need to write presentations and have to write and read documents! But you haven’t enough money to Buy a Professional Productivity Suite like Microsoft Office 2010. So what will you do to access and create documents? You have to find a better alternative to it, that is Kingston Office 2012 Free.

It is same like Microsoft Office that boasts user-friendly interface. It is one of best alternatives to Microsoft Office. Its free version is free to download that allows you to create, edit and share the documents. What’s more? It also consists of many required tools like Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheet. They are part of of Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 and delivers almost same functionality like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This is ideal for all professional users.

Kingsoft Office 2012 Key Features

Kingsoft Writer: It is good alternative to Microsoft Office. Even it allows you to open Microsoft Office (.DOC and .DOCX) files and gives you capability to edit the documents also. It also consists of inbuilt PDF Features that lets you to convert your documents to PDF format as well as plain text instantly, without the need of external PDF creator like Adobe Acrobat. It also gives option to switch to Tabbed documents that delivers easy management of your documents. You can also organize table, graphics or formatting effortlessly in addition to capability of printing multiple copies of your documents. We found it most important part of Kingsoft Office 2012.

Kingsoft Presentation: It can be touted as better alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. Because it lets you to create professional looking multimedia presentation in minutes. It features double screen extended mode for instant opening of multiple slides together even on two separate monitors. With the help of set of colorful slide templates, users can create unique slide for presentation.  It also features Custom Animation function that allows users to add tables, charts and shapes to further enhance the slides. Users can even convert the presentations to PDF files, that allows you to share the file even in PDF format.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets: It works like Microsoft Excel to manage, analyze, edit, open and save Excel files. It offers array formulas for better management of data. You can analyse and calculate data with data calculation ability along with 4 types of encryption for protecting the documents with RC4 encryption and password security. Other features are ‘Pivot Table’ that can combine and compare data easily.

Kingsoft Office 2012 is fully compatible with Windows 7 and compatible with Microsoft Office Formats. Even if you’ve created files in Kingsoft Office, and you’re accessing that file on a PC where Kingsoft Office 2012 is not installed. Then no need to worry, Microsoft Office can also open files created in it. This office suite is very easy to download and install with minimum space on the hard drive. Its light weight, as per we tested it runs smoothly also on Computers running with 512MB RAM. We loved inbuilt PDF converter features as well as spell check features to proof your document. After reviewing, We’re giving 91.2 Review Rating to Kingsoft Office 2012.

Pros: Quick Loading, Efficient, Better Alternative

Cons: Fewer Features for Professional Users

TC Review Rating: 91.2*****

Wanna download Kingsoft Office 2012? You can get it here.

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  1. I hear is not free, is just trial version for 1 year (365 days) only after that is must buy that product. so is just free 1 year and not life time, so is cannot called freeware…. since is have timelimit to use this software.

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