Josh Mobile A999 Feature Phone for Just Rs. 2,092

Mobile Phones undoubtedly meaning a lot, when we consider a lot of advanced revolutions in the industry. Whether you take examples of Android, or iOS, both have established themselves as Kings of market. But, Feature Phones are still not dying, and there is a crucial segment of users who want to stick to a feature phone only. For the affordable ordinary phone lovers, companies still are trying to follow up with them. Josh Mobiles is an unknown name in the space, but they exist in the  market. Josh Mobiles has launched their new bar phone, Josh A999.


The Josh A999 features a unique ‘Easy Swap’ technology, which is designed to remember data from two SIM cards. Hence, you can switch between the SIM cards, without fear of losing the data from your old SIM card. You can even replace SIM card 1 with SIM card 2, and SIM card 2 from SIM Card 1, whenever required. It is a basic phone, so we should not expect any extra ordinary features. But it still serves basic needs of the users.

Josh A999 comes with the support of 8GB memory with the microSD card support, whereas Internal memory is not mentioned in the Press Release we received. There is an another exciting feature in the phone, named ‘Magic Sound’ for enhanced music quality, and also features ‘Live Wallpapers’ for displaying animations on the screen, which certainly looks good for the budget customers who are seeking for a value phone.

The Josh A999 phone allows consumers to set the custom pictures to their contacts, and later they can share them with their friends on social networks through Bluetooth. The 1200mAH battery is enough to provide 350 hours of standby time, and 10 hours of talk time, as per company claimed. The display size is 2.4-inch, which is ideal for most of the works. In addition, theire is FM, LED torch, digital VGA camera, and web-browsing capabilities are supported. Overall, the phone seems a worthy package and would not disappoint the users.

If you are interested to buy Josh A999 Mobile Phone, it is available for Price Rs. 2,092 across India.

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