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Apple’s smart phones have taken the world by storm. The uniqueness, loads of features and excellent technical support have made the Iphones from Apple a hot favourite among the generation next. With new devices being launched at the blink of an eye, and to add to that,  the huge popularity of these gadgets, rumours are always going be in the air till the product actually reaches the shelves. The Iphone 5s is no exception to these. Let us have a sneek peek at some of the rumours.

  • Samsung’s components in 5s

If we are to believe these reports, Apple is developing a new processor,A7 which is supposedly to be included in Iphone 5s. This came to light from the code found in the iOS 7 operating system developed by Apple. Interestingly, it is being said and believed that Apple will be working with Samsung for developing this chip which has been supported by the fact that developers have found some components from Samsung, in the hidden code of iOS 7.

  • Changeable backplates

This rumour has been doing the rounds ever since Iphone 5 was launched. It is being said that IPhone 5s will be launched with coloured polycarbonate backplates which can be changed

  • No Iphone 5s at all!

Some mischief mongers have also floated rumours saying that Apple is going to drop its palns of launching an advanced version of Iphone 5 with a boring name of Iphone 5s and will directly launch an Iphone 6.  However, there is no concrete information for these rumours to make an impression on Iphone fans.

  • High power camera

It is being said that Iphone 5s will be loaded with a cool 15 MP camera. With Google launching its smartphone, Apple seems to have taken the competition on a serious note.

  • The release

Ever since it launched the first Iphone in 2007, Apple has been launching a new handset every passing year. Iphone, Iphone 3G, Iphone 3GS and Iphone 4 saw the light of the world in the month of June and were in the market after about a week of their launch. The rumours about a summer realease of iPhone 5s started around April 2013, when sources close to the company said that the production had already started. An American tech magazine reported in May, that the release date is likely to be September 10 and the product will go on shelves 10 days later.

  • Miscellaneous

It is rumoured that this new gadget will have internet speeds almost 10 times faster than 3G. A built-in fingerprint scanner is also rumoured to be incorporated, the technology of which is causing the dealy in its launch. New rumours came in June, when it was being said that the company is going to launch a cheaper version of the phone which will be named iPhone C. It is believed that this cheaper handset would be made from plastic to keep the production costs low. Its rumoured price was also doing the rounds, stating that it would cost approximately 99$.


It is now just a matter of few months when we will get to know the real story. Till then, the iPhone fans can only keep guessing!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the new iphone was like this??!!!     Very unlikely though, more like the iphone 10 lol…..

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