Install Windows 8 from USB on Tablets, PCs, and Laptops

The final arrival of Microsoft Windows 8 is around the corner, as RTM build has been released for the developers, and MSDN and Technet Subscribers can download the copies right now. Windows 8 would be released to General Public next month, when you will able to install it on your PC, as you can purchase license or upgrade your Windows 7 license on the official release date. As you remember, we had written guide for you to make the process easy, through the awesome tutorial. In that guide, we had revealed the steps in which you can install Windows 8 Metro UI on any Android Tablet.

Though, it was just Metro UI, but your operating system was staying intact, and we had not touched, or even we didn’t have dual booted it. In this Article, we’re going to discuss the useful process, in which you can install Windows 8 through a USB Flash Drive on most of Android Tablets. There are two guides provided by 2 XDA members, Nullstring and Iseidman. Nullstring explains the procedure of PC, Laptop, along with option to get the Windows 8 OS dual booted. His guide even has insights, on boot speed analyses and even explains the process of Administrator mode setup.

On the other hand, Iseidman posts a detailed guide, with the steps to install Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit version on most of Android Tablets or slates through USB drive. He too provided a video, and currently supports boot ISO method. Both the guides are useful enough, and we’re here going to explain easy steps for you, in the due course of this article.

Windows 8 ISO US-English Download

If you’re MSDN or Technet subscriber, you can download RTM version of Windows 8. Otherwise, get the Windows 8 Release Preview 64-bit or 32-bit versions.

Guide – Install Windows 8 with Dual Booting on Windows 7 from USB Drive

What’s required?

  • Windows based PC, running Windows 7 and Free Hard Disk space to create new partition. Please remember Windows 8 can’t be installed on Dynamic partition, and you will need to convert it to basic one before going with the procedure.
  • Ultra ISO

Step 1: Install Ultra ISO to your computer, and then run the program. Write the ISO File to USB Drive, with clicking the appropriate option to burn image to flash drive.

Step 2: Restart computer, and press the button, probably ‘Del’ on most computers.

Step 3: Select boot priority, Go to boot menu and select the Flash Drive name from the list, which would be used to boot OS.

Step 4: Installation would begin, and upon restart you will be welcomed with dual boot screen in which Windows 8 would be default OS and Windows 7 would be listed as second. Automatically, you will boot into Windows 8 and set the Windows 8 for first time.

Step 5: After setup, you can setup Videos, Music, Pictures, Mail, Messaging, and IE settings, as well as you can also enable Administrator mode. You can install System Power Application also. Now, you can compare, which OS would boot faster for you, in our test results, Windows 8 boot faster, and Metro UI can be also accessed with moving on any corner.

Guide to Install Windows 8 from USB Drive on any Tablet or Slate PCs

Step 1: You can download Microsoft USB Disc Creator, just available USB Slot required on your computer.

Step 2: Burn the ISO to flash drive with the help of Microsoft USB Disc Creator, which we downloaded in Step 1.

Step 3: After you’re ready with Disc Creator, and image burn was successful, then attach the USB Flash drive to Tablet or Slate.

Step 4: Now, click on Home Screen button once, and lets wait, then select USB Stick. You can navigate up or down with Up/Down Volume Control, and after selecting the option press the option ‘Screen Lock’.

Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions for installation and enter product key.

Hurray! You’ve just installed Latest Windows 8 on your Computer, Tablet or Slate. Now you can experience Metro UI and tons of other features and enhancements. Though, Windows 8 is not looking better compared to Window 7. So, it is suggested to not to decide installation of Windows 8 unless you want to try once. Though, like always, there are improvements you will notice, such as faster booting time and more detailed task manager. If you’ve faced any problem, do lets know, we’ll try our best to resolve your query.

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