Move/ Import Contacts from Nokia to Android without Internet Connection

It is a gigantic pain for Nokia users, when they buy a new phone and at the end do not find a way to transfer the contacts to latest device. Some of our readers, who have Internet Connection, have successfully transferred the contacts to Android with the simple guide. Our recent guide was not useful for those users who lack the Internet Connectivity at the moment, but are in a hurry to transfer the contacts. Well, as we all know. Contacts are an indispensable part of a mobile phone. Without the contacts, you will not able to call a person, whose number you do not remind. Well, here in this guide there is happy news that we have ways for Non-Internet users, as well.


You might be wondering to transfer Contacts, SMS, and Calendar items to the latest Android Phone. Please note that, this guide probably works for most of Nokia’s, including S40, s60ve device. With this tutorial, you will able to transfer your Calendar, Notes, and Contacts, but for SMS you need to try some other method. Now, those users who does not have a data access or Internet Pack is not active on their phones, and unable to activate at the moment, then you can be happy as I would be describing the easy methods for your convenience.

If you have No Internet Connection

Transfer/ Shift Contacts from Nokia/ Symbian Phone to Android Smartphone without Internet Access/ No Data Plan Activated

Please note that this method will work even for those users, who have turned off Google Contacts Sync in their smartphone. These methods can cause a problem as well, that means if you update phone contact, then it will not update Google Contacts automatically. For the same you will need to update, Google Contact on the smartphone as well, that means you will need to add the same number two times.

Method 1: Bluetooth

This is the method recommended for beginners and non-techy persons. You can use your phone’s Bluetooth to transfer the phone between both the (new and old) devices. This is the quickest way to transfer contacts, and easy too. If you do not know how to do that, I am describing below.

  • Firstly pick your old Nokia phone. Then go to settings and turn on the Bluetooth (Or you can do this later too).
  • Now open the ‘Contacts’ in your Nokia phone through the shortcut key you’ve specified, or either from the Menu>Contacts.
  • Now, go ahead and select Mark All from the options. This will select all the contact list, and you’re ready to transfer also.
  • Next, you just need to select Options, and then Send as Business Card> Then select via Bluetooth.
  • If your devices are not paired already, then it’s time to do the same now. Just send all the selected Contacts via Bluetooth, and they should be transferred in 20-30 seconds (Depends on number of Contacts).

With the simple Bluetooth method, you can also send the default Notes app data. Here you go:

  • Go to the Menu and then Open ‘Notes’ app.
  • Now, navigate to the Options>Mark/Unmark> and then Mark all option. This will select your all the notes and you will able to transfer all the notes in one go.
  • Then select Options followed by Send and then send via Bluetooth.
  • Now, pair both (Nokia and Android) phones and you’re ready to go and notes are now transferred to the new device.

However, it is usual fact that Calendar entries works only if you send entries one by one, rather than in bulk with Mark all options.

Through, if you do not like to send the data with Bluetooth then we have another method too in the baggage.

Method 2: Send Contacts/ Calendar/ Notes to Android from Nokia via Computer/ PC

These methods need a computer,  and you need to ensure that you have access to a PC or Laptop. Though, this method does not require and internet connection which is a good thing. This method is unpretentious yet effective and requires only those software which comes bundled with the phone’s package. This method would require Outlook, which would sync software of two phones. This software can be Ovi and Kies/ PC Companion/ HTCSync ets.). Please follow the method below:

  • Download the Ovi Suite and ensure Outlook is working in your PC.
  • Now, go ahead and Sync Nokiw phone to Outlook through the Ovi Suite software.

This method would transfer all the data, which other methods we’ve describe won’t able to do effectively. Just because, in this method, we’ve used software tools which are preferred way for most of the people.  Though, there is a drawback exists here, you can do the method only once, and will not able to do it again. But not for lifetime, you can again do the same, just erase all contact’s birthday data from Outlook. In ‘Kies’ Sync software include a different format to set up the birthdays. For Example, if you wrote ‘Rahul Sharma’s Birthday’ on your old Nokia Phone, then t would become ‘Rahul Sharma. Birthday’ on Android phone. In this case, if you decide to sync the data again, then two entries would be created on your Calender, and this will erase all the previous birthday entries, which includes (‘s) on Outlook and then this will enable Kies to adopt the new format, and no new double connections issue would happen.

I hope methods were easy for you to perform. However, if you need any help in this regard, then comment and lets know, and we will be happy to help.

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