Google Play Movies Now in India, Download App (apk) from Play Store

Google look like agitated sufficient to consider India as one of their prime markets. The company behind the Android, is continuously bringing products to India, started with Google Play Books few weeks ago, and then followed by surprise Nexus 7 Tablet launch in Indian Play store. Now it comes next in the list is Google Play Movies, which made live today by the company.


Whether we say Google’s love for India, or some enhanced surveillance in the market. Assuredly, India is playing an prominent role in Google’s business model, and the country is growing at a fast rate with establishing itself as one of most tech enthusiasts countries. Google Team has started enhancing the listing of various movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, and few others. The latest product from Google, which is the search giant, is one of foremost update from the company.

With the Google Play Movies, Indian users would be able to purchase the Hindi or English movies, and they can also rent the movies. The pricing is also pocket friendly, and users can enjoy their favorite movies, at rend starting from Rs. 75 for SD Quality, and Rs. 120 for HD quality. If in case, you would like to view the movie later, and you want to keep the downloaded copy in your device, than here is an option for same, as well. The users can purchase a movie from Google Play Movies Store, for just Rs. 180 for SD, and Rs. 490 for HD quality.

When we glanced over the Google Play Store’s Movies section, we got that there are substantial number of English movies as of now, and more Hindi movies are also expected to be listed at the Google Play Movies. Alike the Google Play Books, the Google Play Movies also categorized in various categories. You can find the movies in Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, and Family. Though, there is no Hollywood & Bollywood category as of now, but we think this option should be there for better categorization. We also think there should be language wise option as well so that users can download the movies of their specific language.

To obtain the permissions of selling Hindi movies, as well as Punjabi, Gujarat, Marathi and other Indian languages movies, Google have to settle talks with Indian production houses. With the arrival of Movies and Books, Google Play Store India is only lacking few more services, which are TV shows, Magazine, and Music. We presume these services are also landing in India soon.

If you would like to buy or rent Google Play Movies, than just you need is Android App: Google Play Movies from Google Play. Otherwise, you can visit Google Play Movies Website for download, watch and manage movies which have been bought or rented already. Users can stream the movies through WiFi or 3G mobile data through the Google Play Store App on the device, and also through a computer at There is an exciting feature, which allows users to download purchased movies to their device. In addition, they can download the same movie to up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Though, movies, which are at rent can be downloaded at one device at a time. Once, the rental movie gets removed from the device, then it gets re-enabled for the re-streaming and one can also download into the more devices. When we compare the price of Google Play Store Movies with Apple iTunes, then we found that some movies are priced higher, and some are even cheaper, so it is not a massive deal.

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