CES 2013: GIGABYTE Launches Spectacular Motherboards with 4K display

Gigabyte is a named face in the manufacturing of motherboards and in CES 2013 once again they came out with some amazing motherboards with 4K display using INTEL Collage technology. They can incredibly provide ultra HD resolution of 3840*2400 pixels by using dual thunderbolt ports which are divided into four digital streams. Thunderbolt ports use HD4000 graphics of any i5 or i7 Core processor and amazingly provide such a huge resolution. And this whole technology what we call “INTEL COLLAGE DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY”.


In CES 2013 vice president of Gigabyte co. ltd. Henry Kao said that “we are very humbled to present these exclusive 4k display motherboards with an ultra high resolution”. These new launched motherboards are the first in the market which provides ultra high 4k display. Collage display technology is simple to setup and provide users a 4k resolution supports a simple driver update on their existing hardware, and without a VGA card.

Zane Ball, Intel’s General Manager who is from desktop platform has also mentioned that they very delighted with their new Intel collage technology. Everybody is expecting that these motherboards are going to be the best in the coming days.


Intel collage display technology can provide 4k displays by using multiple 1080p displays. And this whole setup is able to provide display to big resolution 3840 x 2400 pixels. INTEL processor graphics control panel has two modes “horizontal” and other is “vertical”. Former provides a resolution of 7680 x 1200 and later with 3840 x 2400 pixels. Its user’s choice which mode he or she want to use. Horizontal mode is mainly for commercial use like medical, transport and stock market while vertical mode can be used to enjoy just 4k display. The new INTEL collage driver will be available on the Gigabyte website by the end of January, well….! that’s is really a good news.

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