Inspan Infotech Launches Trio Racer F1 Racing Wheel by Genius

There is a good news for racing game lovers that Inspan  Infotech  is launching Trio Racer F1 Racing Wheel which will we compatible with PC, PS3 , Wii Games and as well as Game Cube systems. This Racing Wheel is basically manufactured by Genius and distributed by Inspan Infotech.


Inspan Infotech has become one of the leading  IT distributive company for hardware and motherboards from past few years. At the launch, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech Sudhir S. stated that “Trio Racer F1 provides richer experience in gaming. Its ergonomic design provides the right comfort level for the users to enjoy gaming. The Trio Racer F1 is an attractive product for display at the shops.


Its wheel design is best for racing games. 11 built-in programming buttons and also 8 Way D-Pad that offer commonly used features in racing games such as horn, emergency brake, lights, maps, and more. Specially designed two hand levers on the back of the wheel make it possible to shift gears quickly. A foot pedal for speed and brake. There is a C-clamp which can easily fit on any table or desk. Trio Racer F1 is a plug-and-play device, so you play games immediately without any driver installation. One more thing it features and that is Multi language users compatible.

For PC

  •  IBM PC Pentium 166 MHz compatible or higher.
  • It is compatible with  WindowsÒ 7/Vista/XP/2000
  •  Available USB port.

For PlayStationÒ3

  •  USB port should be available.

For Wii and GameCube

  •  Their must be a GameCube port.


Although price the product is very less but still there must be something which fixes it at this cost. First the wheel has a diameter of 8 inches which is quite small as compared to other expensive wheels. Also, wheel comes up with very tacky plastic grip which is not that easy to manage. This wheel also doesn’t support force feedback and also not vibration and rumble.

Price and Availability:

New Genius Trio F1 Racing wheel is available at Rs. 3,200 and you can find it at ex-stock with a warranty period of 1 year. If you are real game lover then this really can’t be your choice. Rather you can opt for other expensive racing wheels which meet all your expectations.

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