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Camera and mouse all in one


Introducing The Genius Cam Mouse


Yes you read right, you can have a computer mouse and camera all in one thanks to Taiwan based company- Genius, a  leading company in computer peripherals, introduces its new 2-in-1 devices. Why would you want a camera in your mouse? Instead of relying on your notebook monitor, which can be awkward and less maneuverable. The  Genius Cam mouse is as easy to use as a handheld camera. The Cam Mouse combines a 1200DPI mouse with a 2.0M pixel camera

It switches from a mouse to a camera instantaneously so if you are sitting at your computer and the golden opportunity arises for the perfect photo opportunity you always have a camera in your hand. Your at a meeting and the presenter switches slides too quickly, no problem- you can take a quick snapshot and save it for future reference.

And of course it syncs nicely to social media sites so one is able to instantly upload pictures to share with friends and family. Just slide the shutter and it is switched from a mouse to a camera just like that and if that wasn’t good enough it also has a QR code scanner all for the rrp price of 29.9 USD.


Product Features

  • Innovative mouse that also functions as a cameras
  • 1200 DPI Blue Eye technology works on an almost any surface
  • 2.0M 720P HD pixels provide high resolution images
  • Contoured for comfort
  • Instantly uploads photos to social media sites
  • Easy to use photo editing tools
  • Scans QR Codes

Switch seamlessly from a camera to a mouse and back again

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