[TC Review] FullDataBackup – Unlimited Online Computer Backup

All of you are already aware about annoying problem of ‘Data Loss’. Many of you install Windows Several times when all the data get corrupted with virus or something bad which can be happened to any PC, such as Hardware failure and Hard Disk failure or bad sectors etc.

What happens when you loss your important data? The precious data you collected in years. Many advance users regularly backups data on external hard drives, USB Flash Drives and even on DVDs or CDs. But do you know? That’s also not a safe solution! What will you do if your external HDD and your Flash Drive will also get corrupted due to some reason? Any Solution? Probably Answer is No! You’ll loss all your favorite songs, Movies and Family Photographs and even Business or office documents easily! But luckily we’ve found a great solution for you and we’ve tested and reviewed it this time just for you and our all the readers!

Though, the Software which we’re reviewing this time is not popular enough. Because only Pro and advanced users might require it. We’ve tested FullDataBackup Software by FullDatabackup.com and we found it quite interesting and that’s why we were eager to share our experience with this software. Just you’ve to download and install this backup application, and it’ll start scanning of your computer or laptop’s HDD and will backup automatically files that needs for backup. Even you won’t need to do any effort or action from your side, it automatically marks the all photos, videos and important documents or Word, Excel, Text (Notepad etc.), and Powerpoint files and then it starts backup to the external servers.

Even company claimed the data transfer between your computer and their servers is powered by SSL encryption, and the user’s data is also encrypted with 512-bit ciphering. It is highest level of security, as most banks using 256-bit encryption nowadays. The servers also monitors the data stored on their HDD all the 24 hours a day and saves data automatically various copies of your data to safe against possible accidental data loss. The data centers are backed by diesel power generator in case of power breakdown. Just you’ve to sign up for the service and then you won’t need to worry about data loss ever even if your computer gets damaged. After signup you will have a password which would be required to access your data backups stored on remote servers. Even if you can’t download the data, then company can send your data in a DVD or an external drive to your address.

Pros.: Easy to use, Keeps data safe, Secure storage, No so much actions required on user’s part

Cons.: Not Good for People with slow internet connections, Custom Plans are not available

If you wish to test this FullDataBackup Software before buy, you can get 15-day trial version from here, and if you’ll like it you can buy the backup service at just $4.16/month.

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