Free Download Windows Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 (32/ 64 bit)

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is withdrawing down the aggregate of users. Thanks to the all trim and continuously salutary features version over version modernizing by the developers of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Microsoft brought Windows Internet Explorer 10 with the release of Windows 8, which miscarried to fabricate a massive hit estimate relatively to Windows 7. Though, 700 million users dissatisfied to ensure that their systems resided on Internet Explorer 9 and no updates released. Finally, Microsoft has addressed the issue and officially announce Internet Explorer 10 version for the Windows 7 (32bit/ 64 bit). Users can download IE10 directly from Microsoft’s website, or anticipate for automatic update to happen so quickly in the coming week.


The preview version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 was available for a while now, and users were waiting for final release. Microsoft disclosed the stats that over 10 Million Windows 7 users have downloaded and strived preview mode of IE10. Microsoft perceived that IE10 got positive feedback from the users of Windows 8, and they are anticipating alike from Windows 7. The company even hopes that consumers will scan Windows 8 Tablets, over the Apple iPad Mini, which lacks Internet Explorer. Microsoft expects to win grounds from the likes of Firefox and Chrome browsers. Thanks to the updated JavaScript engine of IE 10, which even offers Auto-correct and spell check features.

 Microsoft stake out a claim that Internet Explorer 10 downloads the pages around 20% faster than IE9. There is a downside as well that Windows Vista or XP users will not be competent to install Internet Explorer 10 on their PCs. Windows Vista users have to adhered with IE9, which is also including a Good UI. For better browsing, they can switch to the alternatives. Microsoft revealed that till now, over 670 million PCs work on Windows 7, and 60 million PCs have activated genuine Windows 8 so far. After the 38 years of age, Microsoft continuously bring modern technologies and products for consumers. They conveyed Microsoft Surface Tablet, and also betrayed, which dubbed as Office programs and Web mail service upgrade.

Internet Explorer persists mislaying market share to the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Microsoft even attempted to get Internet Explorer 10 Battery kindly, as it reportedly consumes less battery life. Though, we found a significant dissimilarity between Windows 8 and Windows 7 versions of IE10. The Windows 8 variant consists of embedded flash, which gets an update from Windows update directly and not from Adobe. Whereas, Windows 7 version, include similar ActiveX plugin like IE9 and all the updates would be installed with Adobe updater.

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