Samsung Galaxy S4 Stock Ringtones and Wallpapers Download – Guide

Samsung Galaxy S3 users can now enjoy as they can get the some goodness from the latest flagship device. Samsung Galaxy S3 has a successor, in the form of Samsung Galaxy S4. The new devices from Samsung always come with the latest stuff and features. For example, the camera, processor, screen are typical things, and it is not decisive for some users. Those who loved the wallpapers provided in Samsung Galaxy S4 can now feel happy after reading this article. You can download all the stock default ringtones and wallpapers of Samsung Galaxy SIV i9500 for your other high-end devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300.


It is the good thing that these wallpapers are just static images, and not live wallpapers. Hence, you can use it in any other device you want, which have at least 720p resolution. For smaller resolution devices, you will need to modify the size of the particular images to make it fit for your screen sizes. All thanks to Sam Mobile, who leaked the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpapers & Ringtones, which comes by-default in the flagship device of Samsung. The ringtones are in .ogg format, hence they would work only in Android Devices.



Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones and Wallpapers – Steps

These wallpapers are extorted from the ROM Dump, and there are a total of 7 wallpapers, which comes in stock ROM of Samsung Galaxy S4. The device works on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, with Samsung Nature UX interface. These wallpapers are devised for AMOLED displays.

Step 1: Just download the appropriate package, to see the Galaxy S4 Goodies right on your device.

Download Links: Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones | Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpapers

Step 2: Now, it’s moment to connect your Android Smartphone to the computer through the USB data cable.

Step 3: Now, browse the phone and select or make two new folders for wallpapers and ringtones, where you would like to place these newly downloaded files. You can place these files in both of external memory and MicroSD card. Though, we recommend you place the Ringtones (.ogg) in internal SD card as you might end with no success.


Step 4: After making the folders, place the files and then disconnect the phone from computer. It’s time to open the File Manager in your phone, and then browse the folders you’ve just created in the last step. You will find the wallpapers and ringtones in specific folders.

Step 5: If you want to set wallpaper, then just open the folder of Wallpapers, then choose your solicited wallpaper for Lock Screen, or Home Screen wherever you want.

Step 6: If you want to set Ringtone also, then just open Normal Ringtones. Firstly you  must visit the path Settings>Sound>Device Ringtone and here you will find the list of new Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones.

That’s it, and you’ve triumphantly installed latest Stock Wallpapers and Ringtones of flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. Now, it’s time to enjoy the same on your touch screen phone. If Incase, you’ve high-end super magnificent Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone with AMOLED Display, then you will surely get better experience than any other device. Do let’s know if you’ve anything to say?

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