[TC Review] Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Whenever we think about to ‘Download’ a big GB file, a possible risk to interrupted and corrupted download comes in our minds. Inbuilt Windows Features doesn’t offers optimal download speeds or speed tweaks, whereas the ‘Download Managers’ are designed to boost the downloads and also engineered to resume interrupted downloads. But, not all download managers can do tasks as expected, you need a better and reliable download manager to complete successful downloading of files from Internet. We’ve spent time to review widely popular download manager, Download Accelerator Plus; so-called DAP since some of recent weeks.

What we liked about DAP is that it’s 100% Free (If you won’t require extra features of DAP Premium). We used a 512kbps broadband connection to test DAP. We went through testing downloading files firstly via inbuilt download tools of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and then we put the download links in DAP. And what happened is that when we compared downloading speeds DAP downloaded that file in almost half time compared to browsers. Saying honestly, DAP is one of best downloading manager after Internet Download Manager we ever tested and used in our labs and daily work.

As we compared the DAP with Internet Download Manager (Premium Software) and results was awesome, both the DAP and IDM performed almost same speeds. Hence, we found that DAP can deliver premium like downloading for free. On its interface, the DAP has three tabs, which are Download, Internet, and FTP Browser. Download tab offers downloading options such as Add Download, Resume and Pause etc., in other words its main function of DAP, whereas the second tab is ‘Internet which opens DAP alerts and messages which are stored on their server directly in that window instead of opening your PC’s default browser. The third one ‘FTP Browser’ helps users to browse the FTP websites as well as with Aborts and Close session options.

Another features we would like it to mention here, which we liked to is that DAP comes with ‘Automatic Mirroring Speed Boost’ which automatically boosts the download speed by searching for the near and fastest downloading source aka mirror sources. When files gets finished downloading, the Download Accelerator Plus firstly scans the files through its server that whether the file is tested yet or not, if not then it alerts the users to try the file at his/her own risk. The ‘Video Preview’ features previews the video while downloading. The DAP premium comes with some extended features such as ‘Trace Cleaner’ which removes the file download traces and the ‘File Shredder’ that removes files from the hard disk completely so that no one can access that file later for unauthorized use. The software also previews ZIP files while downloading and also allows users to extract them, whereas the ‘Private Download’s Features allows users to lock down their files with the secure passwords.

Another interesting features (present in both fre and premium version) of this software are the SpeedBit Video Downloader and SpeedBit Video Accelerator , which downloads the YouTube videos to local computer and speed up the buffering speed of videos for smoother playback. All of above mentioned features are present in Download Accelerator Plus Free version, whereas the DAP Premium also available with extended set of features, but free one is enough for normal usage. DAP Scored 9.3 in our Review.

If you wish to download Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.7, you can download it here.

TC Rating: 9.3/10*****

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