Copy/ Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android via WiFi or Mobile Data

If you are reading this article, then strong chances are you are the former Nokia user, who loved the strength and battery backup of Nokia phones and you were sticking to it since years. Nokia had lost the game of smartphones long before; thus they shifted to Windows Platform, which is reliable and far better compared to their Symbian platform. Now, you have finally bought Android based device, then chances are it is from commercial Samsung Galaxy Series or some other maker.


We understand the pain of losing contacts of influential people of your life. Whether they are your family, dear one or business related links. You have not found any way to transfer or import contacts from Nokia to Android device. Over the period, we have personally helped many of our readers, to shift their contacts, calendar and notes to the Nokia/ Symbian phones to the latest Android. Working on the queries of our dear readers, we decided to write an review and sum up everything in a simple manner, unlike many misleading articles here and there on the web. You know that there are ways to make a work, but some are tough and some are so easy, though it is always difficult for many people to find an comfortable effective process.

We’ve separated this guide in different parts, whether if you have Internet access or not, you can transfer your contacts for sure, with our guides. We’re here going to use uncomplicated and easy methods, though there are other ways to achieve same. So, let’s begin with the first article in the course and checkout the steps, If you have Internet Access.

Users with Internet Access/ Data Plan Activated (Through WiFi, Mobile Data Internet 3G/ 2G)

When you have Google Android powered mobile, then it is always a fantastic idea to use Google Services. First thing, I would say I bring you to sync your contacts, calendars with Google Contacts Sync. However, it is always suggested that you only raise your contacts as Google Contacts only if you have synced them already. Otherwise, doubling of consonant contacts would result. In this case, it will add one contact to phone contact and other one to Google Contacts. So please take care always of this case. However, coming to the point, you can transfer your old Nokia Notes via Bluetooth only, the method which we’ll discuss later in this article. Let’s examine the methods to transfer Contacts with two methods.

Method 1: MS Exchange: It is always different method to sync to Google through Exchange server method depends on your Nokia Phone model, and most old handsets does not support the same. If you have already added contacts to the Google through the Exchange, then you just need to enable Sync on your Android phone, and quickly your data will be downloaded through the Internet connection. This method does not work for many, and cannot be considered as best method. In other words, it only syncs calendars and contacts, and does not support sync of notes, as I said earlier. As of now, Google do not support Notes sync as of now, but hopefully it would be supports soon in the near future.

Method 2: Now, this is general and default way, we can say. This method is popular enough, and most of the people recommend you this one only. There is drawback exists here as well it will not support Notes Sync so you will have to agree with this term. Though, I am here describing the method:

  • Sync Old Nokia Contacts to Outlook through the Ovi Suite.
  • Then Download ‘Go Contacts’ and ‘Go Calender Sync’ apps, these both are free to download. You can alternatively buy ‘Companionlink’ app from your computer.
  • After downloading, setup these two software, which will sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar to the Google servers. Then just open the Internet connection on your mobile phone, and your data should be synced automatically without any effort quickly.

That is it. Though, in the Method No. 2, a problem would occur, but do not worry it can rectify with a little setting. Navigate to the Menu>Settings>Calendar>Uncheck/ Untick the Contact’s Birthday’s option. With this setting, phone will now only display specific entry from the main calendar as the main calendar will only sync between the Outlook, Google, and your smartphone. This little tweak is necessary, just because Google automatically fetches the data from Google Contacts and then it makes the Birthdays calendar of contacts.

We hope you understood the two methods above. However, these methods require an Internet Connection (mandatory). If you do not have Internet Connection then wait for our another tutorial, which is coming soon.

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