Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy Express and Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung has been amongst the most established brands or major player in the Android market for some time now. In the last 2 or 3 years, Samsung has released many high and low budget Android phones and saw peak success. Initially, Samsung beaten Nokia by using Android in their phones and now constantly trying to leave well known Apple behind. But what is the saddest of Samsung phones that always made such phones which can vary in a bit in terms of features. Recently, two more smartphones launched by Samsung. One is Samsung Galaxy Express and the other is Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, both are very close when the characteristics of specs and design both are considered perhaps the colors available on the market could be different. This can sometimes confuse users who are willing to buy Samsung phones. So to vanish out their confusion we are comparing two of them so you certainly can choose one.


Samsung Galaxy Express v/s Galaxy S3 Mini:

The Processor

Galaxy Express has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor which provides you a fantastic experience of a buttery smooth gaming and web browsing. While in case of S3 mini we meets with a dual core processor  of 1GHz which is also quite enough and not much less than the Galaxy Express, but here we are comparing Galaxy S3 mini and Express so the vote will definitely go for Galaxy Express. And with the Galaxy Express in hands you can have a better gaming and browsing experience.

Winner : Samsung Galaxy Express.


Now the second feature in which we generally interested is the display. For that, both the phones comes up with sufficient displays which are Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with 16M colors. Same display sported by fantastic Samsung Galaxy s3.Now we talk about screen size then, Galaxy Express features 4.5 inch screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels and on the other hand Samsung S3 mini sports 4 inch screen with similar resolution as the former. So as if we are comparing them then you should go with Galaxy Express 4.5 “screen is undoubtedly better than 4” screen of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Winner : Samsung Galaxy Express.

Operating system:

As we compared their operating systems, then Galaxy S3 mini is available with an out of box Android 4.1 Jelly bean and same as supported by Samsung Express which also comes up with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which was initially featured with outdated version Android ICS, so in comparison of operating system we can say that its tie between both the phones.

Result : Tie


Galaxy Express is thinner than S3 mini, because it comes up with dimensions of 132.6 x 69.3 x 9.1mm while mini sports 121.6 x 63 x 9.9mm, although s3 mini is more compact and convenient to handle due to its smaller screen size but design wise Express looks far better than the sluggish Galaxy S3 mini. So if you are looking for more classic and stylish phone then Samsung Galaxy Express can be your first option.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Express.

Browsing speed:

As we talk about browsing speed then definitely Galaxy Express will score more as it fantastically supports 4G, so you can yourself judge its speed while in Mini’s case although speed is not that issue but still as it don’t supports 4G, so ball will check into Galaxy Express’s court .

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Express.

Storage :

Here Samsung Galaxy Express lost the point as it comes with just 768 MB RAM while Samsung mini scores more with 1GB of RAM which is much larger then Express. Now as we move towards storage then mini provides internal storage of 8/16GB which can be extended with microSD card whereas Express supports same 8GB internal storage which also can be extended to 32GB with microSD card.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

Camera :

Photography is the new interest which every user is sharing current times. Camera is one of the main feature of Smartphone any user look for. For camera also, both phones comes up with sufficient package. In Express’s case back camera is of 5MP and 1.3 MP of front shooter which makes you capable for having clear video calls. On the other hand, Samsung S3 mini, there is 5MP rear camera with 720p video quality with front facing camera too.

Result : Tie

Connectivity : For connectivity genre , both of them almost ends up with tie as they features almost same specs, those includes GPRS , EDGE,HSPA, LTE , Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual band, Bluetooth, NFC, USB etc.

Result : Tie

FM  Radio:

When you are bore from the regular  songs of your phone then you can just enjoy the taste of songs plus spicy gossips of RJ’s on FM, but in Galaxy Express you can’t get this benefit as it don’t support FM while on the other hand Samsung S3 mini is just the right option for you at this situation as it supports FM.

Winner : Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

Screen type :

Galaxy S3 mini has a scratch resistant gorilla glass screen therefore s3 mini users would not be much concerned about their screen. But express has not any gorilla glass screen so you should be little carefull while using it.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

Battery back up

As far as battery goes, Galaxy Express has 2,000 mAh battery with a talk time of 14hrs for 3G Which seems to be a quite fare deal and also much closer to the battery of renowned   Samsung S3 which has a battery of 21,00 hrs. On the other hand in mini’s case battery is 15,00mAh with a talk time of 7hrs. So here Galaxy Express will lead S3 mini.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Express.

Our Verdict

After observing the features, specs, design and performance, although Galaxy Express is somewhere much influencing but for getting such features you need to pay more rather than what you need to pay for Samsung S3 mini. Although Galaxy S3 mini is also featuring somewhere close specs, so it can be your choice over Galaxy Express weather you want to consider focusing more on price or features.

Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy Express and Galaxy S3 Mini, 7.3 out of 10 based on 27 ratings

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