[TC Review] ChromePlus – Enhanced Google Chrome Browser

Whenever we talk about Internet browsers, 3 Names comes in mind, which are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. No doubt Mozilla Firefox is widely used browser among these three, but Google Chrome is also growing rapidly and increasing its market share.

Though, Google Chrome is complete browser at its side, but think what happen when it is enhanced with additional features? ‘Sounds Good Na!?’. Yep it sounds really good. We reviewed ChromePlus Browser since some days and we’re quite happy with its performance. It is a browser-based on original Google Chrome but enhanced with additional features and plugins which increase Chrome’s functionality.

In its publisher’s words:

ChromePlus has all the functionalities that Google Chrome has. More, ChromePlus added some useful features which are aimed to provide the most easy-to-use browser-based on Chrome.

While reviewing, we also found the same thing, the browser performed very well. The features which are added additionally in this browser are: Double Click Tab Close, Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab, and Download tools supported in context menu etc. Have a look at these features:

  1. Double Click to close the Tab: In ChromePlus browser, you don’t need to find close ‘X’ button at edge of the screen, you can just double-click the tab area (in tab which you want to close) and the page will closed automatically and easily saving your time and efforts.
  2. Super Drag: With this feature, you can simply Drag a link in the page with the help of left mouse button to anywhere in the page. What will happen? This will create a new tab to open the webpage(link). One another awesome features of this browser is that when you drag some block of text in the page, it’ll open a new tag and will search the text in search engine which is enabled as default in the browser such as Google.
  3. Mouse Gesture: This feature in ChromePlus makes commands with easy mouse gestures. It allows users to trace on the page while holding on the right button of mouse. It is claimed to save time and efforts again. Though, this is not very useful feature and we haven’t found it much useful in review.
  4. IE Tab: This is the dedicated tab only for those pages which require Internet Explorer aka IE Controls. Whenever you click IE Icon located in right of location bar in ChromePlus, the browser will open that page especially with IE Engine and IE Controls. This will allow you to open every page in ChromePlus Browser.
  5. Download Tools supported in context menu: This is the best feature we liked while reviewing in ChromePlus Browser. The browser supports all popular download tools including: NetAnts, Orbit, QQ Xuanfeng, IS, FlashGet3, FlashGetMini, NetX, WebThunder, and Xunlei. Only you need to install specific Download Manager, when installed you’ll find the icon of them in the context menu for quick download just a right-click away.
  6. Incognito Browsing Mode: This is also good features of the ChromePlus. With this feature, you can browse any website without leaving any single trace. Means if you want to access website which you don’t wanna show to another user of same computer, then you can use Incognito Browsing feature. In other words, no need to clear history when browsing in this mode.

These was ChromePlus Browser features and we also revealed what we liked or what we not. One thing another can be added in this browser is that some of Download Tools can be integrated to the ChromePlus, so that user’s won’t need to install in their system separately. The ChromePlus all boils to features offered, as performance wise is not much different from original Google Chrome Browser.

License: Freeware Free
OS: Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP
Publisher: Maple Studio

Want to download and try this browser? You can download ChromePlus by visiting this link.

TC Rating: 9/10*****

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