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blackberry-r10-leak-650x0BlackBerry is aiming to add additional devices to its BlackBerry 10 range. Previously we had heard rumors of the reasonably priced BlackBerry 10 smart phones are being in the works, in this article we will sum up what we have heard so far.

Some purported images of this reasonably priced BlackBerry 10 Smartphone were posted online in a Chinese site. The earlier rumors propose that this Smartphone will be named as BlackBerry R10 & will be a reasonable Curve Smartphone.

MobileSyrup through site DGtle had reported that BlackBerry R10 will have a 3.1-inch display having a resolution of 720X720 pixels. The Smartphone is anticipated to pack in a 5-megapixel rear camera, 8GB of internal storage & 2GB of RAM.

Formerly, we had seen BlackBerry R10 in White color & even in Red but for the first time those images of Black color R10 had surfaced online. It is clear from the posted images that BlackBerry R10 had taken its looks from iPhone 3GS/ 3G. The Smartphone appears to have glossy & curved rear panel having camera lens placed on the top left.

BlackBerry R10 will supposedly be the first BlackBerry Smartphone to arrive with non removable battery. It is expected to have an 1800 mAh battery. The R10 will work on the BlackBerry 10.1 OS.

The precedent speculations have indicated a Q3 launch for this Smartphone & as well pegged that BlackBerry R10 is probable to be priced in price range of $400 to $300 with no contract.

BlackBerry is by now presenting its flagship Z10 Smartphone in the marketplace. This smart phone was released in January 2013 & former followed by the touch-QWERTY smart phone Q10.

Hardware specs of BlackBerry R10’s were leaked, as per a report.

A Chinese site DGtle claims that the reasonable price handset features the identical specs as of the existing BlackBerry Q10. The R10 will supposedly comprise the same resolution of 720×720, screen of 3.1-inch, RAM is 2GB & the same QWERTY keyboard as of Q10.

8GB of on-board storage space and a lesser 5 MP camera are also supposed to be included, serving to bring down the cost to more reasonable budget proportions.

R10 would be the 3rd device that comes with BlackBerry 10 OS pre-loaded, subsequent to the touch screen Q10& Z10.

Blackberry R10 in addition differs from Q10 is that it contains a glossy back plate & an extra rectangular shape. As per the reports, nevertheless, R10 will work on current BlackBerry 10 software so possibly the device will not prove a lot of a step down.

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