Whatsapp for BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Announced – Download Now

Introducing a completely new way to use the smartphone  that is ‘BlackBerry Z10’.BlackBerry z10 smartphone announced last month with rich specification.Now, the company finally gets the Whatsapp application for BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.Whatsapp was expected to release by this month.


The smartphone comes with new version of the messenger that will make fullest usage of BlackBerry 10 OS provides multi tasking capabilities.Whatsapp  Messenger is cross platform mobile messaging app which allows the users to exchange messages without having to pay.But  the most beneficial thing in the device is that the device utilizes the existing internet data plan to help the user stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family.As compared to that whatsapp is free for the first year.After one year the renewal charges are low.The main secret behind the whatsapp’s such high popularity.

Let’s talk about the messenger, the messenger doesnot need external internet plans, as it is bundled with data plans that are available for BlackBerry Devices specifically.


Multimedia : User can send video, images and voice notes to their friends and contacts.

Group chat : Consumer can enjoy group conversations with contacts.

User Interface : Device is equipped with new UI upgraded with a version of 2.7  so that user can enjoy new GUI.

Cross Platform : Message friends with non-blackberry devices and additionally exchange pictures, videos, location and voice notes.

NO International Charges : Z10 avoids international SMS costs.To chat with friends in other countries, you have Whatsapp installed on BalckBerry.

NO Need to ADD Buddies : It integrates with the address book and automatically connect with the contacts.The friends with Whatsapp will automatically displayed in favourite menus.

Offline Messages : Whatsapp will save the messages offline if the device is turn off or you are travelling outside with no coverage area.When network coverage is restored and device is turned back on then messages will retrieve them.

Other Features : Contact Blocking, share location, custom notification sound, email chat history, broadcasts messages to many contacts at once.Whatsapp uses 3G/EDGE internet data plan.

All the Z10 users can download the app from BlackBerry World but the company has also stated that the app availability on the store front will take some time.

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