Best Antivirus Software 2013 Review

The best antivirus software of 2013

Antivirus industry has seen a tremendous growth in past 5 years.  A lot of new players have entered the market, making it a very tough job for the users to select an antivirus brand that will serve the purpose. With the rising popularity of electronics online shopping, users need to know that their personal details are safe from hackers and malware.  The year 2013 has seen the release of advanced   antivirus software  from the established bigwig antivirus software companies like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, Avast etc. This review checks out some of these softwares to help the readers in choosing the best software for their personal computers.

Kaspersky antivirus 2013

kaspersky 2013One of the conspicuous things about Kapersky antivirus 2013 is its heavy price tag. Priced at 59.95$, it is the costliest software on the list, but also comes with a host of advanced features which are not included in the lower priced softwares from other companies. It also comes with a bonus of 3 user licenses which is very good option for household users. One of the best features of the 2013 edition is its capability to protect the PC against Trojans, spyware and rootkits has been given a boost. Some additional good news for windows users is that this version has been specially designed to be not so taxing on your memory allowing for maximum speeds to do all your other day to day tasks.

Bitdefender Antivirus 2013

Unlike its predecessor, the 2013 version of Bitdefender Antivirus has been launched in three different packages with varying degrees of protection on offer. Some of the new features are listed below.

  • Safepay:  Provides advanced protection for online monetary transactions.
  • Anti-theft protection: If you ever lose your device, you can use this tool to wipe all the personal information stored on it.
  • USB immunizer: Specially designed to scan removable data storage devices and protect your PC against infection through this route.


AVG Antivirus 2103


A very trusted and well known brand of antivirus technology, AVG has been in the market for over a decade now.  The 2013 version of its antivirus includes all the positives of its predecessor with some new and exciting features.  The e-mail security feature checks all incoming mails and provides advanced protection against identity theft. The AVG wi-fi guard detects wi-fi networks and informs the users whenever they enter a wi-fi enabled area. The Do Not Track features allows secure and private browsing.  Overall, the 2013 edition is a very good product and is going give the competitors a run for the money.


Norton Antivirus 2013

norton-antivirus-2013The outstanding feature of Norton’s antivirus softwares over the years has been its use of the heuristic as well as signature methods of detecting malware. Some of the very new features included in Norton’s 2013 antiviurs software are:

i.            It completely removes dangerous viruses from the computer, more importantly the hidden ones.

ii.            Easy and rapid installation

iii.            Tracking cookies are detected and eliminated, making internet surfing a more secure experience.

iv.            Its efficiency is improved because it scans only those files and folders which are a possible threat to the system.


Norton Vs Kaspersky


The two biggest juggernauts in the antivirus market, Kaspersky and Norton have been fighting out a tough battle to gain the number one spot in terms of providing the best security against malwares of different kinds. The year 2013 has seen both these giants launch their respective version with a lot of improvements compared to the previous year’s version.  Here,  we try to pitch these two softwares against each other and try to find out which one scores better than the other.

  • User interface

One of the very attractive features of Kasperskys antivirus is its totally refreshing and interactive User interface. Norton, on the other hand has marginally improved its user interface options, however, it stays far behind in comparison with what Kaspersky has to offer. Kaspersky takes the upper hand in case of user interface.

  • Performance

AV test, a reputed laboratory in Germany which tests and rates the various antivirus softwares available in the market has performed its batter of tests on both these softwares. This test is one of the very widely acclaimed and trusted test for the ability of antivurs softwares to provide better protection against new malwares. Interestingly, both the softwares have received an A+ rating in this test which makes it very difficult to say which one is the better. However, Kaspersky scores a little higher in the usability score of the AV test because it uses a very light amount of memory.

  • Features

When it comes to features, there is again a neck-to-neck battle. Norton on one hand, has the ability to protect against spyware and viruses, while on the other hand it has some new improved protective features like, scanning your e-mails for suspicious links and attachments, facebook accounts and also your downloads. It is also easy to install and runs in the background using  very little of the hard disk memory. It also detects whenever you connect to a 3G network and stops the unnecessary updates and helps you in saving on your bills. Talking about Kaspersky, it is easy to use and customizable due to his highly advanced interactive user interface. The user can control almost all the operations like scheduling scans, adjusting the security levels and also change the user interface features. The Kaspersky URL adviser incorporates into your browsers and prevents you from opening dangerous websites. One of the most popular features of Kaspersky is its built-in virtual keyboard, which is not offered by many antivirus softwares. This feature provides additional security for online transactions like shopping and money transfers. Another prominent feature with Kaspersky is the desktop security gadget. This unique and sleek feature, provides the user with a better access and alertness about the system at all times. The gadget is also customizable and can be modified for its colour and appearance and can also be disabled if one does not like it. If your drivers are outdated, the vulnerability scan feature alerts you about this and helps you to keep your PC’s security at the optimum level by identifying settings which you may want to adjust.

Conclusion: The tough battle between the two rivals is going to last for ages to come with both competitors investing a lot on the research of their respective products. However, talking about the present scenario, Kaspersky scores slightly higher over Norton but this does not mean that Norton is far behind. It is a very close battle and Norton can topple Kaspersky in the near future if the latter does not come up with more innovative products.

Bottomline: Although it is priced a little higher, Kapersky’s Antivirus 2013 stands out from the other softwares in many features. Moreover, the price should not be too much of an issue when there are multiple pc’s in the house  because of the offer of 3 user licences. It is left to the users to decide what to choose.

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