The benefits of rooting updates in Android

In the world of mobile OS’s it is hard to decide who the winner is. It has been several years since the market was changed drastically by the release of the iPhone and other smartphones with better internet and networking capabilities. Today these phones make up a large majority of the mobile industry and continue to be developed to give their users a better experience. Today the biggest stakes holders -Apple and Google- are birth to release the newest versions of their smartphones and it remains to be seen who will be the winner in this high stakes game. One promising feature that can be done with the Android phones that others can’t offer is rooting to update the firmware on the phone.

The technology of Android isn’t unknown to anybody. It is basically an operating system with its roots in Linux. It is used in both high-tech phones and laptops as well. It is unique for touch screen devices. It was first developed by Android Inc., and was then purchased by Google in the year 2005.

Who will be left holding the ball? 

Now, the two biggest stakes holders are Apple Inc. and Google. These two companies have been competing for the biggest chunk of the smart phone market for several years now and both have many generations of their OS’s and phones that continue to evolve to server their users a better experience, but the question remains, “who will be left holding the ball”?

Now, that the release of the fifth generation iPhone is coming, Google is not sitting still and has their new Nexus phone in the works, the Nexus Galaxy. Both of these phones have that have the hardware to outperform all other smart phones on the market, but they may not be at the top of the mountain for long with Nokia teaming up with windows to putting a heavy contender in the seat for the top spot.

The iPhone5 has the A6 chip, which may be lighter and smaller but hard to compete with the 1.5gHz dual processors that both the Nexus Galaxy and Nokia Lumia 920 have. This is not all that the too top competitors for the Apple iPhone 5 have to shoot at Apple. The Galaxy has the advantage of being able to root to update the firmware.

Rooting your new Android phone to update the firmware 

If you decide to root your new Android phone to update the firmware, you may want to understand some of the consequences that this may entail. It depends on how you update your phone, but it is possible that you lock yourself out from being able to receive any official updates in the future.

Like with many other smartphones, you can void any warranties that you may have on the firmware. This means that if you lock yourself out of your phone or cause it to be unusable during the process of updating your phone. It may be a mistake that you will want to avoid to keep from having these problems, but if you are patient and a little tech savvy the process is not as difficult as it may seem. You will need a boot-loader to be able to run software and updates in root. Whatever you do, if you decide to jailbreak a new iPhone 5 or keep the firmware of you new Android phone updated in root, there will always be a new task to accomplish.

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    I didn’t know about this rooting update before and it definitely sounds interesting to me. Well, I think androids have been best use in I phones and smart phones. So, this feature is definitely going to be the best use in smart phones. Thanks for the share!!

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