Beautiful Widgets 5.1 Out! Updated with new Tablet Widgets, Animations

Beautiful Widgets are a set of Widgets designed especially for Android devices. Now it has become a choice of thousands of users, and If you are one of those lovers of Beautiful Widgets then there is  good news for you that Beautiful Widget 5.1 has been released with upgradation. The widget creators at LevelUp studios released version 5.1 of their popular Beautiful Widgets application on Wednesday.  The fresh version has brought many excellent changes with itself such as new widgets for tablet, a new beta channel, new translations and lots of bug fixes. Moreover, the tablets will find additional Widgets as well.


What’s  new in Beautiful Widgets 5.1

One of the best widget in this version is weather widget which gets a weather provider weather underground. Further, there are also new forecast fragment lifestyles that tell you if the weather is suitable for outdoor activities etc. It basically tells you the current conditions according to the out door activities. Beta channel here allows users to test out new features before they made public as if some users are likely to do that kind of stuff.

  • New weather provider, WeatherUnderground
  • New Forecast Fragment Lifestyles
  • New widgets for tablets
  • New beta channel
  • New layouts for WeatherWidgets 4×1

Improvement in Beautiful Widgets 5.1

The geolocation can be removed in the recent release and  also some setting has been added up to disable the weather animations, along with new translations and the option to hide Home Fragment, and put Tutorial when there are no widgets. – Hide Home Fragment, and put Tutorial when there is no widget. Further the physical menu button opens the Sliding menu in the Forecast Screen in Beautiful Widgets 5.1.

  •  The geolocation can be removed
  • Add a setting to disable the weather animations
  • Hide Home Fragment, and put Tutorial when there  are no widgets
  • New translations
  • Physical menu button opens the Sliding menu in the Forecast Screen
  • Fix a lot of bugs.

Availability and Price

You can download this Beautiful Widgets 5.1 from Google Play Store at just $3.99, which is worth according it’s latest features.

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