Apple Is Losing Momentum

apple logoThe former heavyweight of the smartphone world and the leader of innovations is losing popularity amongst consumers.  Apple inc. shares have taken a dive by 37 percent since last September. The ipad was the first tablet to come out and it took the technology market by storm, but since then everyone has has got in on the action and Apple just seems to have lost it’s luster. Having said that the ipad is still one of the tablet markets most dominant product, but for how long? What does Apple have in store to regain it’s fan base? Read more to find out rumors on what Apple has in store for us..

The release of the iphone 5 was both  a success and a disappointment for many customers. Firstly there was the upgraded maps which in fact was more of a downgrade, (apple even apologized for this and suggested users down load an app for maps) Then there was the shortened battery life which may have been necessary due to the reduction in size. Many people were annoyed by the different charger port which meant they could no longer use their accessories such as an alarm clock with a dock for your iphone. There is an adapter for the iphone 5 but it really should have come with the iphone 5 and not be sold separately. Many people were also slightly disappointed with siri as well. And what annoys me personally is the fact that you cannot put an sd card into your iphone or ipad, seems like every other tablet or samrtphone allows you to do this so there is no reason for Apple not to offer this as well.

So what do the team at Apple have in store for us to win back our favor?  They have announced a new release of  iOS software to be released with a fresh new look. With new ways to share photos and videos between other iphone users. They also have plans for a music streaming service for their customers.

Rumor has it that September will see the release of iphone 5s and the 6 will not come out until next year. There is talk of multiple releases of smartphones form apple to be released as well, such as an iphone mini which sounds like a smaller version of the existing iphone and also a cheaper version of the iphone with a plastic case. Rumor has it that the iphone 6 will feature a bigger and clearer screen with some sort of 3d capability and upgraded cameras; 13 megapixels 3D rear camera and 3.2 megapixels HD front camera. There will also be a much faster processor and the on board memory will be upgraded with up to 128 Gb! Possible finger print scan for security and the touch screen will be upgraded to respond to scratch and tap gestures. Wireless charging has also been mentioned.

There is also a new upgraded mac book scheduled for release soon. Apple certainly has a lot to compete with with all the rival company’s but that is good for the consumer, a more competitive market means lower prices and more innovations. We will soon know more about what apple has planned in the upcoming Apple’s WWDC 2013, Worldwide Developers Conference 2013, which happens Monday 10th of June in San Francisco. We will soon see how much truth is behind all the rumours….


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