Apple iPhone 5 Sales: The initial reports

The diehard critics are busy ripping it apart….
The detractors of Apple inc. are already drubbing it a ‘failure’ and a ‘disappointment’, saying it has little more to offer than the iPhone 4S fifth row of icons…..
Even the most loyal Apple fans do admit that the new iPhone 5 has not lived up to its hype.
It could have been better.
A lot lot better.
Inspite of all that’s being written and said about it, an Apple is an Apple at the end of a day.
And the latest news confirm that!

If initial reports are to be believed, Apple Inc. has been bettering its own records of previous sales every few hours within a few days of the official launch of their iPhone 5 featuring iOS6.
Even the not so delicious Apple has the whole world eating out of its hands.
With demand for the iPhone5 far exceeding the supply, the new launched version is already on its way to becoming THE fastest selling iPhone till date with the delivery date of some of the pre-orders being postponed to early next month.

The official Apple release conformed booking a mind boggling 2 million handsets within the first 24 hours of its release on September 12. Though most of the pre-ordered phones will be delivered by September 21 (as planned), some unlucky ones might have to wait till the first week of October to lay their hands on the latest sensation to hit the cell phone market.

The senior Vice President of Apple worldwide marketing, Phillip Schiller, confirmed that the pre-orders “have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S, and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal.

Though Apple is used to such overwhelming responses (the iPhone 4s, the last phone to be released before the death of Steve Jobs, sold 1 million devices within the first 24 hours, bettering their own previous record of 600,000 for the iPhone 4), this one has become the fastest selling iPhone the company has ever produced.

Brian White, Topeka Capital Markets analyst, admitted that the ‘demand was well above expectations’. Said White, “Given the much stronger-than-expected iPhone 5 pre-order sales, we expect a meaningful jump in the three-day sales results for the iPhone 5 compared to the over 4 million iPhone 4S weekend sales last year.”

Though most customers are opting for pre-orders, long queues are expected outside all Apple stores this Friday- the day when the product will finally be available over the counter.

I have no idea about the veracity of it but the analysts suggest Apple will have sold a total of 30 million iPhones before the end of this month (including the sales of its previous models). Their cell phones make up for nearly 50% of the revenue.

I just can’t believe myself… so much of brouhaha over an Apple!

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