Apple iphone 5 In India: Coming Soon, Finally

The Apple iPhone 5 in India soon!

Apple fans are all looking forward to October 26th- the BIG day when the iPhone5 will finally be available in India.
The latest version of the iPhone, loaded with iOS6, is high on the wishlist of every Apple fan. Ever since the product was first launched on September 12 at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, San Francisco, USA, it has created ripples across the market.

Though the latest device rolled out by Apple Inc. has little to offer by way of advancement in features to its users besides a slightly larger screen (4 inches as compared to 3.5 inch screens so far in all the previous iPhones), an 18% thinner and a 20% lighter handset inspite of a larger device, a 22% smaller A6 processor, 3 external microphones instead of the usual 2 and a marginally improved camera which is 25% smaller, it has got an unprecedented response.
If initial figures released by Apple Inc. are to be believed, 2 million handsets were pre booked within the first 24 hours of its release. This is a huge improvement over the previous records that had been set by the manufacturer himself- with the iPhone 4S selling 1 million handsets and iPhone4 having sold 600,000 within the first day itself. Some standards to live up to!
However, the device had not yet been made available to Indian users officially at Apple stores till date and could be purchased only in the grey market. Insiders say that people who could not wait to hold the iPhone5 in their hands paid an astounding sum of upto Rupees 100,000 to hold their latest baby!
The iPhone5 will now finally be available at all Apple stores across India in another 15 days from now for Rs. 62,990. That is whole lot of money in Indian currency!
If you compare it to what the grey market dealers had been charging till now, it might seem like peanuts though.
October 26 is not too far away….another 2 weeks before you can buy the latest dream phone- the Apple iPhone 5 in India, OFFICIALLY!

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