AMBER2: Robot which walk like humans

Whenever you hear about the arrival of any new Robot in the market, there must be a thought which clicks into your mind that when the time will come when Robots will walk like humans. Well…!! Now here is the time because Amber 2 is going to walk like humans soon. Amber2 is Robot on which Dr Aaron Ames and his team at the A&M Bipedal Experimental Robotics Lab.


“Our first goal to overcome is how to mathematically model such a highly dynamic system, and then how to fabricate it using modern hardware that’s what Ames claimed when asked for the product details.

Steps includes in the whole designing as follows

  • CAD designing initially is done by using  Solid Works Renderings
  • In the second step they did mathematical analysis by using Wolfram Mathmatica
  • Stimulation and controller designing has been done by Mathworks  Matlab.
  •  At the end they finally use National Instruments’ LabVIEW for upper-level control of the final design.

To give you the slight view of the project, they presents a video of how Amber 2 works.

To make a Robot work like humans can be a tough work in a case but Ames team did not want to leave any stone unturned. The main functioning of the Robot includes designing of the legs, for that  team realized it would need to use motors and gearheads in order to deliver torques between 8 and 12 Newton-metres and speeds down to five to six radians per second. “Such low speeds are preferred in order to omit the obstacles and results in smooth functioning.

According to a report by DesignNews, the team decided to use maxon motors for its final robot design. The AMBER 2 robot uses three motors and three right-angle gearheads per leg, one for each joint — ankle, knee, and hip. Ames explained: “We found that we needed a single, seamless package, which allowed us to maintain the tightest tolerances for the joint mechanisms.” When the robotic foot hits the ground, the motors have to reverse on impact, which causes a huge amount of torque on the motor.


This coming Robot can be used in many applications such as in space exploration, elderly assistance and prosthetics, military operations, disaster response, rehabilitation etc.

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